News / Two mountain trail-running camps coming-up

Two Mountain Trail Running Camps Coming-up in
Jackson Hole USA & Chamonix France.

Go beyond running, explore your soul.

We’re excited to offer you exceptional camps filled with unique training techniques, drills that will add variation to your weeks, speed work for all terrain (including descents), endurance training to increase your stamina and power using less strength, individual feedback & video analysis and much more…We are committed to coaching healthy & progressive training techniques, the camps are non-competitive but will increase your personal performances ! Much fun, even if we work you hard… we treat you well 🙂
We offer very innovative camps pack with new info, it will change your perspective on training & exercising and not just for trail running.We will be in and out of the local trails, each of our camps have a beautiful base camps where you will have a chance to relax, feed yourself of healthy food, we will share more training info including exercises to keep you injury free for the trail, it’s called prehab !
We ask you to be able to run a minimum of 1hour – All levels welcome !
REGISTER TODAY ! We give you a discount : the camps are 300$/€
Contact us to register of for more info.


Contact : – +33 6 38 31 70 30

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