A PASSION project

Creativity is sitting in all of us (like strength!) but it’s not always explored; some more than others due to talent, exposure, or opportunities.
Creativity is in every aspect of life not just in art.

To exercise, train, race, to plan adventures, to push our mental & physical boundaries is no different than writing or drawing. It’s a form of creativity but only if we let it be.

Create what you want to be and do.
But do we let it be? really?

Exercising & training comes in different forms and for different reasons; loose weight, meet people, feel better, a goal, feed the inner ego, pressure, be fitter, compete, be stronger, grow, feel more or to forget!

Training can also become part of a to do list a plan, a vision, a conversation with oneself and others, great intentions, wanting to… always a great beginning but following up can be very difficult for some; daily schedule, work load, family, weather, lack of resources & guidance, not today but tomorrow-
That’s when it’s time to start procrastinating the negative and focus on doing:
I’ll sleep in tomorrow and get up this morning, and repeat!

Motivation is what gets you started, habits is what keeps you going.

Training can be a very controlled environment between hours of training, intensity of sessions, number of vertical climbed, distance traveled, planning races & adventures. From gear to nutrition and structured training plans, do we breath? can be intense!

We want to achieve, test our limits.

An then we have social medial, we share, we expose, we see, we get inspired, we inspire others, we read, it’s constant, it’s full on. Some may feel lazy, even under achiever by the constant feeds.

The most amazing aspect of exercising, especially outdoors, is the liberation of everything else happening that day, it keeps us in the present, it’s quality time, solo or shared, the environment is inspiring, it can be so relaxing even if we are ‘training’, it creates energy for the rest of the day, puts a big smile on your face and brings up deep emotions.

Dive into those deep emotions and feelings, explore and check out from everything else in life for that hour. Keep a regular outing/workout, every week or 10 days, go do what you love best either on your bike, on trail, on skis, on rock, on snow but don’t start your Strava, go alone, move forward at the pace that feels right on that day, not what your training says you are suppose to do, that session is not part of the training plan:)

Write about it in a journal, what you saw, ideas that came up, projects you want to do, think, explore, be creative, make it a passion project, work on it for a month, once a week.

Why? I can’t tell you, you can answer that, we all exercise for different reasons and we each have a wide range of interests and knowledge.
But we all have special skills, we can all be creative and many people could benefit from it. Eventually share your passion project whatever it ends up being, it can be via a blog, in your community, or simply with close friends or with family.

Passion projects…
healthy meals recipe booklet
start drawing, make a calendar
yoga pre-workout mini routine video
backcountry safety handouts
give some of your beautiful photos you took that month
or simply learn something new and implement it in what you do!
the list goes on…

Last point lets share our mountains skills, fitness and experience but not in a social media way.
We all have friends that don’t have our fitness, might need some support, motivation to get out the door. They might not be fit like you or genetically gifted like so many. Take the time, invite them out for an easy run, a ski, initiate them to a new sport, you’re a guide? take a day off, introduce a friend to the backcountry and mountain safety. Get involve, no pressure, non-competitive, for the fun of it, to share and give.
Inspire others!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. DaVinci

Extra note: Yesterday I was in Chamonix doing a few errands and ran into my friend Jonathan. We took the time to have a coffee and catch-up. Jonathan is an experienced mountain guide, a very talented climber and a natural endurance athlete, very humble. When I asked him what he had been up to, his face light up and he started sharing… He had Just taken a seminar from the legend Italian mountain guide Paulo Caruso, who shares methodologies and unconventional teaching and learning skills that best develops the motor skills in climbing and in all mountain sports. What was most amazing was listening to my friend being so inspired, excited about what he had learned and how and why it will impact for the best his guiding abilities and also his own.

I had just finished writing this article but pretty much says it all, it can happened at any level from the most experienced to the new comer, get inspired!

Thanks for reading… Chloë

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