GET inspired

Being inspired is something I always nurture and gets me going in life, even more so then setting goals.

In work, projects, training, learning, being inspired is key to happiness and success. (Sounds like an add!)

I’ve been running since the age of 10, competing since I was 12 years old but I don’t call myself a runner. I love the mountains not the road:)

When you love what you do the motivation is there, you want to get out the door, you strive for more, and want to explore that feeling. You anticipate the daily routine, the training becomes a lifestyle, time slows down, the effort and dedication is just a fuel for more.

You know you love what you do if you can do it alone!

Training is a privilege so is good health, don’t destroy yourself, find a balance.

Stay humble, quiet from social media, keep on learning, focus on quality, and input great energy into your workouts.

‘Life is about keeping a balance, the harder you work the more you have to play!’
Mike Horn Explorer

As cliché as it may sound: enjoying the process is one step towards accomplishment.

Learning is key, understanding the WHY is important. It gives power, purpose and determination.
Stay curious, learn something new weekly.
Don’t just read magazines, listen to podcasts, take your friends advice or follow trends. Take workshops, courses, clinics from qualified individuals and expand your knowledge on training, nutrition, cooking, injury prevention, core exercises… even anatomy to understand your body better!

If you are going to dedicate time to training do it the right way!

Things go off-track when trying to follow others ambition and doing things for the wrong reason. If you dread the 5am alarm and the training becomes an ordeal, or the focus is more on the glory of completing a race or climbing a peak then the actual training – look at yourself in the mirror and re-assess!

Take the pressure off
It seems we are in an era that a high popularity of mountain runners want to race longer events, 30km are not so cool anymore:) Which I don’t agree, I believe starting with smaller distances being ready to ‘run’ the distance and gradually focusing on longer distances is the way to go. I’m a strong believer in quality training/racing, I always advice runners to focus on a distance they can actually run.

Focusing on shorter distances makes it for kick ass training!

Doing shorter races are also great training runs to work on strength, speed and race strategies, and they are quick to recover from!
For examples half or a third of the distance you train for. 
You want to use the fitness you train so hard for this summer?
Treat yourself to a 12km or 20km trail race this fall, register with friends and make it a fun day!

Change of season is a good time to get excited again, days are shorter and getting cooler but there is a romantic side to training we don’t get in summer – get that headlamp out!

‘Extraordinary power is great but training is better!’
Martin Fourcade, French Biathlete five-times Olympic champion

A great way to stay inspired is to enjoy what you do.

Be careful not to get drawn into others inspirations, be you. Many podcasts, sports documentaries and movies are filled with emotions, individuals achieving incredible feats. Yes it can be ‘inspiring’ to watch the movie Meru but remember you don’t have to climb the tallest, hardest peaks or break any records to be amazing!

Training to run a 50km trail race, learning how to ice climb, getting back to training/competing after an ACL surgery, training for your first Ultra are all very amazing feats that require perseverance, hard work, and a strong belief system.

Believe in yourself and the love for the sport.

A little story…
A few weeks back I hosted the first Mountain Running Festival in Chamonix, for the opening night we had Tim Tollefson as a guest speaker, 3rd at UTMB in 2016 & 2017. He did a powerful presentation, the room was still. Tim did not focus on his performances, his sponsors or the fame of being on a UTMB podium, he was sharing stories from the race with relax manner and great humor. He talked of his training and race strategies when ask, which everyone really enjoyed and questions were constant. Yes it was inspiring to listen to him but mostly because he was so laid back and casual about it all, no ego.

What participants remembered most of his presentation was that he walked the first hill of the UTMB so he could preserve energy, It was the talk of the weekend! His podiums are amazing especially when you finish just being François D’haene and Kilian Jornet but people were inspired by him for being so humble, approachable, kind and they also learned lots from him.

What did people love most of the festival?
To learn so much in a few days
Meeting energetic and passionate runners from around the globe and different fitness level.
How fun it was!

It sums it up!

Focus on having fun, don’t take yourself too seriously and have a purpose.

You all have a special strength sitting deep inside, it’s waiting for you to get inspired, get out of those gates and run!

Get comfortable getting out of your comfort zone and achieve greatness for yourself.

Stay in touch,  email me your thoughts!

Thanks for reading… Chloë

Monthly educational articles for the passionate mountain athlete.

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