Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël!

On this Christmas eve I would like to wish you a very special Christmas filled with snow, mountain adventures, quality down time, friends, family, good health, great fitness… and hope your wishes come true!

It’s been a very special year for me and the X-Training School and I would like to take this time to thank everyone for supporting my programs with such great enthusiasm.

With over ten mountain running camps from April to July, four months of Vertical training, two months of SkiVert and launching the first Chamonix mountain running festival, I was lucky to meet over 300 runners eager to learn and inspired to reach new trails, summits, and race courses,  was truly a blast!

New this year were the Sunday educational Webinars open to everyone, the follow-up was fantastic and at times people from five different countries would join in, I’m excited to grow this community in the New Year.

The monthly Patagonia Chamonix runs & breakfast were always a great time to enjoy quality time on the trails with locals and tourists visiting Chamonix, a time to relax, socialize, have fun and share tips, a bonus of being a Patagonia Trail ambassador.

My consulting work with sports orthopedic specialists brought me over two continents working with committed clinics & Teams (thank you PSG). Sports injuries, mechanics of the athlete, proper diagnosis & assessments, efficient rehab and a performance prehab protocols, writing new material and teaching, is truly a passion of mine.

When you love what you do you never ask why!

Writing my monthly blog is always a pleasure to share knowledge and experience with you all.

2018 was also working on New projects for 2019… just around the corner!

The first week of January you will be able to view the full 2019 schedule of the Chamonix Mountain Endurance Academy and educational webinars.

Thousands of athletes on the start lines, always be thousands of stories to be told at the end. This past year you wrote your own story in the book of life, sport teaches us many things. One trail, one summit has thousands of stories, not one better then the other. Stay humble, passionate and inspired!

Time to enjoy the Holidays!

Thanks for reading and always stay inspired!


Monthly educational articles for the passionate mountain athlete will continue in 2019!








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