MENTAL flexibility – new potential

This is a short blog but give yourself enough time to read so you can be creative! I apologize for not publishing an article in a while I have been busy writing my book with a short deadline!

Staying focus is very important to achieve anything in life especially in sports, it’s called hard work, commitment, determination, love, being progressive with our own path – to be more, to experience, to live.

Being so focus that you miss out on opportunities of discovering new potential can also be an athlete’s black sheep.

We change as individual and we change as athletes. People get wrap up in a bubble at times and miss out on opportunities for being so focus on one goal for too long.

The athlete you were a few years back might be different today or will be a year from now. When we evolve, achieve more, and compete we gain precious assets called EXPERIENCE. In that word comes perseverance, emotional qualities, physical skills, and mental wisdom.

Use it to your advantage: re-asses, look at yourself in the mirror and grow as an athlete.

I really believe mental flexibility is the key to being our best, strongest and fastest.

Your body, mindset and skill set are constantly evolving sometimes in a forward direction and at other times backwards. We can’t be the same athlete over and over again and expect results. Unfortunately some people have a tendency to focus backwards: on injuries, lack of energy or strength, too old, excuses are listed.

You might feel great and totally satisfied with where you are at as an athlete but at the same time you might be missing out on NEW potential; deep strength & power you have gain that are hidden ready to explode.

Focus forward on what you have not accomplish yet.

Sport evolves at a rapid rate and ATHLETES have to evolve with it. 

Psychology, technology, science, even NASA is working on a better and future athlete.

What about YOU?
Do you give yourself a chance to evolve?
How about a new distance or environment, a different training regiment, a total new race,  be faster, stronger, longer with same speed, and how about exploring the unknown?!

Unless we try to do something beyond what we have already mastered, we cannot grow.’ Ronald Osborn

Training and racing is a relationship so it’s valuable to nourish it and have a look, listen and feel. Motivation is not static so it is important to really think about what motivates you now and in the future, motivation requires meaning, it’s not something you can buy or learn from a book.
You love training and racing? You’ve achieve your goal? Find a new one, BE CREATIVE!

This is how some athletes have been able to win gold at winter and summer Olympics in cycling and speed skating, an elite mountain biker winning the Tour de France, and track athletes performing in Ultra’s.

Making your training and new goals achievable enough to feel empowered and maintain commitment, but challenging enough for excitement will really help you find your new mantra!

The mind leads the body!

Some tips:
Manage your work-family-training life to have minimum stress
Develop confidence from new experiences – get outside your comfort zone
Focus on preparation and on quality and not quantity of training
Maximize concentration during training sessions – time stops
Improve your skills
Look for professional help when it comes to fueling, prehab, recovery, training and  racing
Develop a process for learning, be multi-dimensional
What do you need to improve ?
Have a mentor, someone you can communicate with and tell him/her
Increase communication with key people directly involved with your goal
Don’t fear failure, learn with experience
Be balanced
Love what you do

Enjoying my sports, training and racing always – and still – made me so fulfilled but I’ve never just settle and always wanted to experience more and challenge myself in different ways. I still love the variation and challenges, I can feel fast but also able to endure longer and go to a mental edge I could live off and provide power to an entire city!

There is no limits.

Get inspired for something NEW!

Thanks for reading… Chloë
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