A Christmas card

Tuesday December 24th, Chamonix

It’s a perfect Christmas eve, afternoon to write.
It’s stormy, dark outside and I have already been out for a great run.
Now it’s time to stay warm & cozy !

Christmas is a good time to stop, share, enjoy, play, and exactly what I plan to do starting with this blog. I’m treating myself to a few days off from my book to treat my brain and intellect to some good down time !

It’s been way too long since I wrote my last blog and I greatly apologize, but it’s not because I have not been writing !
I spend the last 4 months finishing my book, it has consumed my life, days and nights.

Writing a book is intense, it’s a bit like putting a puzzle together before knowing the final scene !

I have a few weeks left, my last review, and it goes to print January 10th, and will be out in book stores mid-February. Now that’s scary!

La maison d’édition Glénat offered me the book deal a year ago, a french publishing company, but the deal… I had to write the book in french, nightmare!

I’m french Canadian but since I finished high school, my life, studies and work has been 90% in English. Needless to say I’m about to finish one of the most grueling project I have ever done; first the language barrier, second the timeline, third writing on top of my busy work schedule, and lastly trying to create material that is progressive, educational, informative, somewhat inspirational-  and hoping it will help individuals achieve greater performance while staying healthy.

The book is for trail runners, how to perform without getting injured, as much for the experienced to the new comers to this wonderful sport. It’s about commitment, doing things well, staying injury free and being the best you can be no matter your fitness level. Most importantly, enjoying the single track and staying inspired week after weeks. Good news the book is being translated in many languages, including in English 🙂
My gift to you.

When I was a little girl Christmas was magical
Growing-up in Montréal winters were very cold (-25 celsius was the norm) and at Christmas an 80% chance of a snow storms was more than often in the schedule, what else can a kid ask for ! I would spend the Holidays outside, running around in the snow alone and with friends, playing outdoor hockey, making snowman and freezing my butt off !
My mother always made xmas eve special even if she could afford very little, the tree was always filled with little packages beautifully wrapped which we could open at the sound of midnight. Christmas day was spend outdoors and usually cross country skiing in the eastern township, perfect paradise!

These were the highlights of my childhood ; playing in the outdoors and how great it made me feel.

Many decades later (that’s scary to write) not much as change, actually that’s wrong, lots has changed !
But that great feeling of playing outside, the wind in my face, snowy adventures, falling a sleep exhausted, is the same.

Sports, the outdoors and writing has a great parallel for me.

They have been part of my life since a little girl, they have challenged my persona and at times, my biggest rival.
It has molded me, made me push beyond, I explored the unknown, felt the void and discovered ultimate happiness in a way you can’t buy in society.

I found real love and passion with each.
The true gift of life and feel very fortunate for that.

Live life fully, work hard, appreciate what you have, show appreciation to people that make your life special and always stay inspired for more !

I wish you all a wonderful Merry Christmas !






Thank you for reading… Chloë

Monthly articles for the passionate mountain athlete!

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