TRAIN. THRIVE. Never stop learning

It’s Thursday morning on New Years eve and I’m just back from a great training session. It’s gorgeous in Chamonix, wintery, snowy rooftops, powder in the backcountry, great ski touring, road running and the Nordic center couldn’t be in better shape, needless to say it’s a great way to end 2020 !

I’m taking some time to share a few things before we end the year. My last article (blog) is dated February 6th: Trail cadence and the brain, which is by far the most read article I’ve published on my site and I’m excited it is attracting so much interest.
The reason I’ve not published anything since February is due to a positive change and not because I’ve been lazy or unmotivated to write- let me explain:

The first confinement was March 15th for us in France, so at the beginning of April I decided to start the FIT LIVE Video Series an educational platform for endurance athletes and coaches, offering 3-5 weekly live videos ranging from 30 to 90 minutes with a wide range of topics from training, racing, sleep, food, metabolism, mindset, digestion, fatigue, mobility, mechanics, shoes, speed, power, recovery, sport specific… and special focus on coaching, female endurance athletes, injury prevention, sport injuries and high-performance training.

I was inspired to share, driven to do something good during challenging times, for everyone, for me, a chance to meet, interact, for you to learn, ask questions, for me to share my expertise, for us to exchange, see people- from our respective homes.

Now nine months later looking back I can honestly say it was one of my best decision of the year. The FIT live video community has grown considerably, international friendship were made, knowledge was put into practice, fitness was gain from the learning process, injuries were healed, new objectives met, inspiration boosted motivation and promoted mental health. 
Positive outcome during a challenging year.
The feedback has been amazing and I thank you for it and for your great energy. I am SO enjoying the process and the interaction. I would have probably not started this program without Covid !

I believe we can be more complete athlete by being smart, mindful, humble and incorporating education to our training. I have a real hard time with under-qualified individuals taking leading roles and compulsive social media platforms boosting fad and training trends apparently for us to be better athletes.
Each athlete as an intellect and we need to explore it instead of simply following what other’s do and say-
You want to understand the ” WHY ” !
I see way too many athletes confused since there is so much information out there.

With the FIT series I wanted to do just that, offer informative and quality sessions ; up-to-date, science based, innovative, full of examples, practical and clarifying the many misconceptions.

It’s a great opportunity to learn and grow, making the most of this challenging time as an athlete and as a society.
Train and thrive, never stop learning and training!

Learning process is like racing, it stimulates brain cells and nerves, it makes us feel alive, engages us in different behaviors, pushes us to focus on one thing at a time, and it rewires our brain- to become more than before.

Confinement, curfew, borders shut… but we can still exercise, train, think, learn and stimulate our brain with different activities from reading, listening, studying, acquiring knowledge and new skill set.
Be curious, explore your intellect, it’s the perfect time to learn and grow.

Never stop learning, it feeds the soul and opens new opportunities

That said, I had no extra time to write articles !!! I just used a different platform, live videos-
Good news I’m starting again my monthly Blog, first one will be next week, I have cool content for you guys
Second good news, I’m keeping the FIT Live Series for 2021 and I also have a PRO Live Series
No I won’t start a podcast, some of you have been asking, I keep that extra time for my own learning process 🙂

The year in review…
At the Chamonix Mountain Endurance Academy we had a great year considering the adjustment we had to take due to the health pandemic. We started Vertical Training in July instead of May with a super keen group of runners, 6am hill training, more men than women a first, and like always, great energy !
I had to cancel all Trail Camps  due to most participants coming from overseas and across Europe, lock down, borders closed made it impossible.
The Third annual Chamonix Mountain Running Festival was a blast, virtual, no way I was going to cancel it, time to adapt and have fun. Eight speakers, six days, over a dozen live sessions, large group of international participants, it was a success !

My first book was published in February, Trail, les clés pour performer sans se blesser one of the hardest project I’ve ever done, it was a fabulous (and painful) learning process. You can find my book in France, Switzerland, Belgium all french country including Canada, I’m getting super reviews and feel very humble. We are working at finding a publishing company to buy the English rights which I will do the translation.

A few projects I’ve been working-on lately
New website for the Chamonix Mountain Running festival
A Run Mechanics & Physiology Certification Program
Writing my second book
Designing new programs for 2021
Testing new Trail samples for Patagonia

I’ve also been busy with my consulting work writing and teaching as a guest professor at Padua University in Italy, working on a very cool research project at the European Space Agency, collaborating on a sport return-to-competition protocol in Jackson Hole with Peak Physical Therapy, teaching conferences in sport orthopedic clinics across the USA, Switzerland and Germany (all virtual), working with the football team PSG and Ballet dancers at Opera de Paris, and coaching athletes with some very cool projects, including Victoria Evens  heading soon to row solo across the Atlantic ocean.

You inspire me to share my expertise, experience, vision and passion, I thank you and appreciate all of your on-going support

Sending positive and inspiring vibes, be your best for 2021
Love, health and gratitude for the New Year !

Remember striving is growing, mastery is reaching for your true potential, change is progress and learning offers new opportunities
Don’t wish for it, work for it !

Merci for reading… Chloë

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2 thoughts on “TRAIN. THRIVE. Never stop learning

  1. That is a fantastic message Chloe:)))) I so needed to read something like this. It’s it’s inspiring. I will check out those links! And your website again. Seems like it’s a site I should revisit regularly.

    The pandemic has been challenging indeed. To new learnings 2021! Happy new year. All the best. I still hope to connect real soon Bisou😘⛷ MF

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