Go beyond Trail-Running, come and discover our camps, innovative and uniquely designed to optimize trail running and overall athletic conditioning.



Want to run faster, be stronger, have more endurance for the distance, recover quicker, stay injury free, be more powerful and performant ?
Come and have a great mountain running experience !
Join one of our camps !

We offer our programs in French & English depending on the location.

We have 3 levels of Mountain Running Camps:
Level 1
New at trail-running: want to learn about workout planning, how to increase running stamina and strength for the terrain, proper form and all the secrets of a healthy & fit runner!

Level 2
Trail run regularly: you might race, or want to run longer distances. Gain speed, power, and endurance for your distance.

Level 3
Experience trail-runner: you might compete or not, want to reach a new level of performance for your distance.

Running is so much more than just running ! We focus on innovative techniques and progressive coaching to educate runners to reach a new level of performance. All camps are designed to optimize trail running fitness and expand training knowledge.

Mountain running is a lot more than racing ! You do not need to race to take one of our camps. But if you compete and want to reach a new level, you can take one of our camps !

 Our camps :

Our 2016 camps schedule is available here.

 All camps include :

  • Individual video analysis of running form, foot stride, and postural control
  • Drills and training techniques to build running speed, power and endurance for the distance
  • Running techniques: climbing & descending
  • Interval & vertical training (positive and negative)
  • Training format: progression with time & distance, positive vertical
  • Sports-specific conditioning and injury prevention
  • Hydration & nutrition

Chloë shares her passion and knowledge for trail running & mountaineering, and her expertise in human performance, training, biomechanics, injury prevention, years of being a competitive athlete, to offer the most premium experience available in trail-running camps.

In the Zermatt Ultraks race my time significantly improved
“In the Trail Running Camp I learned that a large part of running is your breathing, also that the correct technique for both up and downhill will save you a lot of power, which will then transfer into greater speed. The camp showed me that you should be always open to new advice and skills in order to help improve. This has already benefited myself greatly in the Zermatt Ultraks race where my time significantly improved. Thanks Chloë – I owe a lot to you for this progress!”
Michel Erpen, competitive trail runner, Zermatt Switzerland

Locations we have done Trail Running Camps :

Whistler, BC Canada
Banff, Alberta Canada
Nelson, BC Canada
Revelstoke, BC Canada
Vancouver, BC Canada
Vancouver Island, BC Canada
Steamboat Springs, Colorado USA
Bend, Oregon USA
Northern Rockies, Montana USA
Chico Hot Springs, Montana USA
Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA
Charleston, South Carolina USA
Zermatt, Switzerland
Chamonix, France
Nike Head Office / private camp corporate training, California USA
Patagonia Europe / private press camp, Chamonix France

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