Learn how to reduce hamstring injury rate.

Course outline:
– Reducing the rate of hamstring injuries is a must, it’s the number one soft tissue injury in the athletic world. How to improve coaching and rehabilitation to reduce this common injury.
Functional anatomy and biomechanics of the Hamstring.
Pathomechanics to influence hamstring injuries and also: stride length, hamstring elasticity, ankle dorsiflexion, lumbopelvic stability, and neural activation.
Factors for suffering a hamstring injury and recurrence of injury.
Biomechanical loads of the hamstrings during sprinting.
Site of injury and grading classification.
Testing the hamstring.
Benefits of using eccentric strengthening in prehab and rehabilitation – rational for exercise selection.
Rehab/ Prehab exercises following an acute hamstring injury in non and elite athletes: running vs cycling injuries, sprinting type injuries, stretching type injuries, including high speed.
Programing exercises: volume, speed, load, and progression for injury/sport specific.

Date: October 22 & 23 – 2016
Time: 9am to 1pm Mountain time / each day
Cost: $175.00 US before October 15th – thereafter $225.00 US. Includes booklet
PT CEU’s : 8
Approved by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

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