Our hard work allows us to help lot of different institutions, healthcare and sport professionals. We create a special relationship and are able to follow our clients’ progress. They trust us.


So much progressive information

“The Running Gait Analysis Workshop was amazing for two days, so much progressive information, and how to evaluate our runners. I will be able to use the material with my running patients at the clinic starting Monday. Chloë is so professional, lovely, prepare and so good at what she does.”
Sandra Sottile, Physiotherapist at Aufdenblatten Physiotherapy, Zermatt Switzerland.


Specific program for our particular needs

“Chloë put together a preseason “prehab” program for the Bridger Bowl Ski Patrol. Chloë’s amazing personal experience as an elite athlete allows her to cater a training program that is specific for our particular needs. Chloë is a fantastic presenter. Her knowledge of human anatomy and functional performance is of the highest level. Her teaching style is dynamic and visual, and her enthusiasm is contagious – the patrollers love her! We look forward to continued work throughout the ski season with Chloë’s guidance. Our goal is to reduce injuries and overuse syndromes on and off the job and to be stronger athletes on skis.”
Fay Johnson, Ski Patrol Director, Bridger Bowl Ski Area, Bozeman, Montana USA


Gain tremendous strength

“I am so glad I was connected with Chloë. I believe that working with you has really helped me get rid of some pain and discomfort and helped me gain tremendous strength and stability for my demanding routine and weekly show’s with the circus – you are amazing. Thank you so much for your kindness and expertise.”
Jinny Jacinto, Contortionist – Le Cirque du Soleil, Montreal Canada.


Teaching important skills

“Thank you Chloë, your inspiration and vision of the body consumes me. I have learned tremendously this weekend. Your awareness to the Yoga practice is fabulous for not being a certified instructor, you have a gift in understanding postures and teaching us very important skills that will make us complete instructors. I would love to study with you more.”
Kristin Nuttall, Owner & Yoga Instructor, Neoalpine Yoga Studio. Whistler BC


Brings elite athletes back to competition

“Chloë has outstanding knowledge of the human body and a very unique experience in the field. Combining her professionalism and athletic background, she brings elite athletes back to competition after injuries faster and stronger than ever. Working with Chloë is a great learning experience that helped me in my career as a Physical Therapist.”
Andrée Lavoie BscPT, Physical Therapist for the Canadian Men’s Alpine Ski Team.

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