From passion
to mountains, endurance
science and performance


In 1998 in Whistler BC, Chloë Lanthier founded the Sports & outdoor x-training school to share her passion for endurance sports, training and racing by offering a series of multi-sport training camps and seminars to the local community. Three decades later her work and vision has expanded considerably and across Canada, USA and Europe.
For 2021 we are letting go of our original name and logo but maintaining our legacy!

Now with over 25 years of dedication Chloë is a renowned international expert and visionary in the field of
human biomechanics and physiology, sport rehabilitation and performance enhancement training.
A leader in the sport of RUNNING

  Scientist – Educator – Speaker – Author – Coach – Athlete
Canadian she lives in Chamonix, France

She is the author of a new book Trail, les clés pour performer sans se blesser, Glénat 2020
Trail, perform without getting injured – not yet available in English

“I am grateful to be working with amazing individuals that strive to expand their knowledge to be the best in their field. It’s team work and dedication that enables us to offer excellent and efficient rehabilitation and performance  development training to the athlete. They need to stay injury free to achieve and perform.”


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Masters in Biomechanics and Human Performance
BA Exercise science & physiology
NCCP Level 3 Run Coach 30 years experience and contributor research writer

“To inspire, educate and share my passions is the foundation of my work. I use different medias to do so from articles, live videos, my book, online seminars and I organize festival, community events, symposium, training camps, coaching… I love the human connection, I feed off that energy .”

She thrives for excellence and sets high standards towards the material she writes and delivers. The human body fascinates her, she always aims to translate the complexity of human function into progressive and highly effective performance enhancement techniques and rehabilitation & injury prevention applications.

“My work is creative and multidimensional, science combined with movement is an art in itself.”

An accomplished mountain runner and endurance mountain athlete for three decades, and she has a weakness for skate skiing, skinning up mountains and skiing fresh powder. 

“I’ve been training in the mountains for decades, I love it ; the environment, distance, intensity, I compete against myself , exploring my mental and physical capacities, is a daily ritual on and off the single track.”

It’s a priority for her to share and help athletes maximize their mindset and physical potential through her coaching and training camps and the special events she offers.

Chloë is the founder & director of  The Chamonix Mountain Endurance Academy  and the annual Chamonix Mountain Running Festival

Regular writer and guest speaker for a wide range of publications, conferences and sporting events.
An ambassador athlete for Patagonia and Lyofood
Co-race Director of the Chamonix Patagonia, Run Up For Air Mountain challenge
Monthly Columnist at Revista Trail Running Magazine, Brazil

Athletic accomplishments
Chloë has been competing since the age of 12, an accomplished track runner and with over 40 podiums in Ultra and mountain-trail races. She has completed five Marathon des Sables a 245km, 7 day race, with a best 5th female. She finished first female in the Raid Delta i Ports, Spain 180km  and High Altitude Ultra-Marathon, Kenya 195km.

She competed in multi-day and cross-country mountain biking for a decade with over 50 podiums. She was the World Champion of 24hrs Solo of Mountain Biking in 1999.
First women, in La Ruta de los Conquistadores, 161 miles, 29 thousand feet, Pacific to Atlantic, Costa Rica.
Third women in the Southern Traverse Adventure race, South Island New Zealand.

She competed for several years in the Iditarod Trail Invitation and the Iditasport, both unsupported winter bike events in Alaska. From 160km, 560km and challenging the full Iditarod trail 1000 miles from Anchorage to the Arctic Circle. Accumulating top female finishes and coming in the top 10 overall.

In 2001 Chloë was awarded the Canadian Adventure & Expedition Athlete recipient of the Year by the Globe & Mail.