We offer a wide range of programs focusing on sports performance & rehabilitation catered for sport medical professionals and also for the athlete. Our mountain camps & workshops inspire, educate and help you reach a new level of fitness & performance.


Based in Chamonix – France
Established in 1998 – British Columbia Canada
Canada – USA – Europe

In Whistler BC, I founded the X-Training School to share my passion for mountain endurance by offering a series of multi-sport training camps to the local community. Years later the school programs have expanded considerably and also the locations: across Western Canada, USA,
and in the Swiss & French Alps.

Education for Sport Medical Specialists
Injury prevention & performance workshops for athletes
Mountain Running Camps
A wide range of Chamonix programs
and much more!
Available in French & English

NEW FOR 2017

After a decade of being part of the Chamonix community and with our local programs growing considerably, we have added a new division to the school with the
Chamonix Mountain Endurance Academy,
which is exclusive to all of our programs in the Mont Blanc region.


Revelstoke PhotographerCHLOË LANTHIER
Founder/Director of the X-Training School
To inspire, educate and share my passions is the foundation of my work.
I’m committed to my profession as a consultant, speaker, and education provider in the field of Sports rehabilitation and Performance. I want my students to gain valuable insights so they can achieve a greater potential either as a sport medical expert, physiotherapist, or sport specific coach, I find it extremely nourishing.

I thrive for excellence and set high standards towards the quality of the material I write and teach. The human body fascinates me, I always aim to translate the complexity of human function into progressive and highly effective performance enhancement techniques and rehabilitation & injury prevention applications.

I  love sharing my experience as an endurance athlete through the training camps I offer. I enjoy helping others to maximize good health with a balanced training regimen, and to achieve greater performance on and off the trail.

20 years of experience on an international platform.

M.Sc Biomechanics & Human Performance
BA Exercise Physiology
Chloë is a regular writer and guest speaker for a wide range of publications, at conferences and for sporting events.
She has more than two decades as an elite mountain endurance athlete and a Patagonia ambassador since 1999.

Some of Chloë’s racing highlights:
Passionate about mountain endurance sports, Chloë competes in mountain running, mountain biking events and is an accomplished ski mountaineer. In her free time, she loves skinning up mountains and skiing fresh powder.
Mountain Running
Completed 5 Marathon des Sables, Morocco 245km 7 day race: top 5 women
Raid Delta i Ports, Spain 180km: 1st women
Raid des Trolls, Norway 220km: 2nd women
UTMB Chamonix to Courmayeur (course modified) 75km: 5th women
Gran Trail Valdigne, Italy 60km: 3rd women
Grand Raid du Mercantour, France 100km: 2nd women
Grand Trail Courmayeur, Italy 75km: 5th women
Endurance Mountain Biking
World Champion 24hrs Solo of Mountain Biking, Canada
Iditarod Trail Invitation, Alaska 560km: unsupported winter bike event: 1st woman
Iditasport, Alaska 160km & 560km events: unsupported bike events: 1st woman
Eco-Challenge multi-sport adventure race, Canada 500km: 10th overall
2001 Canadian Adventure & Expedition Athlete of the Year

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