We focus on mountain endurance sports, vertical training, mountain skills, greater performance and injury prevention. You will learn, get inspired, progress and have a great time in an amazing environment – the fundamentals of the academy!

Chamonix Mountain Endurance Academy

For enthusiast recreational to elite athletes.
After a decade of being part of the Chamonix community and with our local programs growing considerably,
we have added a new division to the school with
the Chamonix Mountain Endurance Academy,
which is exclusive to all of our programs in the Mont Blanc region.

We offer
a wide range of camps, workshops and retreats
to educate, inspire,
and share our passions.

We are Vertical mountain athletes : we run, ride, ski and climb.

Base camp: Chamonix Mountains
Day & evening workshops / weekly training sessions / weekend camps & retreats
We are committed to offer innovative and quality programs

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Mountain Running Camps Series

Come experience our camps, uniquely designed to optimize mountain running fitness,  expand training knowledge, master diverse terrain, acquire new skills, and explore your true potential!
Run faster, be stronger, recover quicker, stay injury free.

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