Starting a second year with our successful Chamonix Vertical Training programs for mountain athletes: runners & skiers


Summer Vertical, Fall SkiVert weekly sessions and winter Run2SKI clinics.

Committed to mountain performance
Be fitter for the trail and the backcountry : on dirt and snow!
100% outdoor training : Winter & Summer
Vertical mountain athletes

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Chamonix VERTICAL Training
Starting May 16!

From May to August we offer weekly Vertical training sessions at le Planards in Chamonix. Each sessions as two different workout options you can choose from depending of your running fitness, race schedule or how you feel on that day.

Each week we work on different drills & intervals, all with specific goals. We train for climbs and descents. We focus on strength, power and endurance, and always with great tips to increase form and efficiency for the terrain.

Be fitter & stronger for steeper terrain 
Ultimate cadence & endurance for longer climbs
Confidence & speed for the descents
Maximize form & efficiency
Power & economy for rolling terrain

Schedule alternates from week to week to cater for everyones schedule:
Mondays & Wednesdays alternating with Tuesdays & Thursdays.
Monthly schedule is posted ahead of time. Two weekly training sessions, the goal is to come minimum once a week but are welcome to both sessions.
An early morning at 6:15 and an evening at 18:45. Workout is an hour long.

May: 6 sessions total 40euros
Monthly pass: June to August  unlimited: 55euros
Summer pass: 30 weeks / 3.5months  unlimited: 180euros
Drop-in: 10euros

Location: les Planards Chamonix
Everyone welcome!
For more info or to register, contact us !

May schedule:
May 16 morning
May 18 evening
May 22 morning
May 24 evening
May 30 morning
June 1 evening

June schedule:
June 5 morning
June 7 evening
June 13 morning
June 15 evening
June 19 morning
June 21 evening – Mont-Blanc Marathon week
June 27 morning
June 29 evening

Chamonix SkiVert Training
Starting October 2017

Come get ready for the winter season!
Be fitter and stronger for the climbs and ultimate power for the descents!
Backcountry & ski mo specific – Everyone welcome!

The goal:
Better cardio for the climbs and increased overall endurance
Strength & power of the legs & upper body
Efficient core to connect lower and upper body for better power on the snow.
Intensity: each sessions will have two different workouts depending of your fitness level or how you feel on that day, the workouts will progress from week to week.

Location: les Planards Chamonix
Cost & schedule to come

Important: Do not need to be a runner, you just want to get fitter for the winter!
Need: headlamp, ski poles, water, energy and a smile !
For more info or to register, contact us !

Run2SKI Clinics
Fall 2017 & Winter 2018

Come discover great ways to get ready for the winter season
Run for a fitter winter 
Backcountry / Ski Mo Specific 
Open to everyone

POWER Cardio / Speed & STRENGTH / Upper Body DRILLS / Stable CORE

Stronger cardio and speed for the climbs
Power and eccentric strength for the descents
Increased overall endurance
Strong & stable core to connect lower and upper body for better power on snow
Ski specific prehab exercises

Fee & schedule to come
For more info or to register, contact us !