Sports injuries & prevention
Webinars in French & English
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for Mountain Athletes


Very informative, cutting-edge material,
filled with hands-on & practical info to take home!
Chloë is a consultant in sport orthopedic with a specialty in sport rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance training.

It’s a chance to ask questions, get answers, learn about the mechanism of injuries, leave with tools & exercises, how to prevent injuries and strengthen your weakest links.

Mountain Running Injuries & Prevention
Monthly Webinars
90 minutes / 20 euros / 19h00 to 20h30

April 29th: prevention
May 20th : knee injuries
June 11th : foot & ankle injuries
July 15th : hamstrings & groin injuries
August 6th : back & hip injuries
4 Juin: Trail, blessures et les prévenirs

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Chloë is the author of the new book ;
” Trail, les clés pour performer sans se blesser ” édition Glénat 2020
(Trail, performing without getting injured)

During a running trip to the Dolomites in the spring 2018, Chloë took a few minutes to evaluate a hip complaint I told her about. Within minutes she had identified the source of the problem; gluteus tendinopathy and major musculoskeletal imbalances and put together a rehab program. Despite my best efforts it had been ongoing for months, after starting the program created by Chloë I saw notable improvement within 2 weeks and complete resolution in 6 weeks. She was instrumental in a very successful running season for me and completing the Tor des Géants.
Luke Nelson, elite mountain runner, 8th Tor des Géants 2018


SKI Injury Prevention Seminar:
Common ski injuries, how they occur and prevention
Protect your knees: how to prevent anterior cruciate (ACL) & MCL ligament injuries,  Patella tendinopathy and knee pain.
Recurring injuries: what to do and how to put an end!
How to get more power from the hips
Building and efficient core to connect lower & upper body for better power on the snow.
Understanding your body’s musculoskeletal imbalances, tightness, weakness and pain.
Key drills and exercises to enhance efficiency of mechanics & performance
Come ask questions and get answers!

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Alpine & Rock Climbing: Better mechanics for greater performance
Injury prevention and performance training Seminar

This workshop was selected for the 2017 Chamonix Arc’teryx Alpine Acedemy

Potential climbing injuries & risks: prevention
Overuse injury from over strained & muscle fatigue
Musculoskeletal demand of climbing: key zones and how to maximize potential
Training for joint stability & mobility, muscular/fascia elasticity, coordination and dissociation.
How to train for greater performance while reducing injury risks
The battle between power and endurance: training regimen & tips
Cool drills and climbing specific exercises
Supplement training exercises: land training (no equipment required), TRX/rings, finger board, and myofascial sling core training.
Come ask questions and get answers!

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