Thank you for such a great season! The 2019 Mountain Running Camps schedule will be live by December!

Come experience our camps, uniquely designed to optimize mountain running fitness, performance, expand training knowledge, master diverse terrain, acquire new skills, and explore your true potential!
Run faster, for longer, be stronger, recover quicker, and stay injury free.

2018 Mountain Running Camp Series

Since 1998 
Based in Chamonix, France
Canada – Swiss & French Alps – Norway – USA

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Chloë designs the camps to inspire, educate, and for you to reach greater performance. She shares her experience as an elite athlete plus her extensive knowledge in training, racing, injury prevention, and her passion for the mountains. She  has been offering trail running camps across North America and in Europe for two decades.


“I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in two days!  The energy and level of information you gave was fantastic, truly a special camp from start to finish. The level of details; science, medical, physical, mixture of practical & theoretical was spot on. Also I can’t believe how valuable and amazing the vertical training session was – wow, can’t wait to add this to my program! Chloë is an amazing coach, a real inspiration, her experience, passion, knowledge is infectious.”
Kaz Williams, elite runner, Chamonix

We grade our camps in 3 levels:
Level 1 : New at trail-running: want to learn about workout planning, improve running stamina, increase strength for the climbs, and learn some great secrets to be fit for the trail.
Level 2 : Trail run regularly, you might race or are simply motivated to run longer distances, gain technical speed for the descents, strength & power for the climbs, and greater endurance for the distance. You can run for a minimum of 90min. non-stop.
Level 3 : Experienced mountain runner: you might compete or not, inspired to reach a new level of performance.

We have been part of the Chamonix community for over a decade, we are fluent in English & French for all programs we offer.

All camps include : the camps are non-competitive
One-on-one coaching
Video analysis
Drills to improve form and efficiency
Training techniques to maximize speed, power, economy, and endurance for the distance and terrain.
Climbing & descending drills
Workout planning
Injury prevention and key exercises.
Tips on recovery, hydration & fueling for the trail and mountain safety.
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