Come get ready and be fitter for the upcoming trail season!
Seven weeks early rise running sessions

NEW – Trail Spring Training!

Early rise running sessions, dynamic & fun, be fitter this spring.
Build-up your running fitness & learn ton’s about training for the trail!

Seven weeks / once a week / every Tuesdays
Time: 6:15 to 7:15
in Chamonix
March 13th to April 24th, 2018

Everyone welcome: two different workouts per session to suit all fitness level.

Specific preseason training
Progressive from week to week
Intervals and drills for greater endurance, strength, speed and leg oxygenation
Combo of flat, rolling terrain and vertical training
Drills to fine tune running form & cadence efficiency
One-on-one coaching
Weekly training tips via private messenger group
One injury prevention session: exercises & stretches specific to trail running
Each week a different meeting point in the Chamonix center area.
Non-competitive – run against yourself!
Hydration vest or handheld water bottle
Improved trail running fitness guaranteed!
LyoFood smoothies
Lots of fun and positive energy!

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2018 Early Rise Winter Training Runs
Six week Session!

You want a focus, stay run fit this winter?
Six weeks, once a week, quality training, cutting-edge drills, everyone welcome!

 6 weeks / once a week / every Tuesdays: 90 euros
Time: 6:15 to 7:15
Starting January 9th to February 13th, 2018
Space is limited
Everyone welcome: two different intensity workouts per session

Each week I will set-up a meeting point in the Chamonix center area.
All training sessions will have a specific goal and last one hour.
Some weeks the training will be on hills, flat or rolling terrain.
Come learn new training techniques and cutting-edge drills.
I will advise on your individual training.

I guarantee lot’s of fun, quality training and results.

Hydration vest or handheld water bottle

A smile!

Improved fitness
smoothies & goodies
Weekly tips & training info via private messenger group

Lots of fun and positive energy!