You want a focus, stay run fit this winter?
Six weeks, ounce a week, quality training, cutting-edge drills, everyone welcome!

NEW: Chamonix Early Rise Winter Training Runs
Six week Session!

 6 weeks / once a week / every Tuesdays: 90 euros
Time: 6:15 to 7:15
Starting January 9th to February 13th, 2018
Space is limited
Everyone welcome: two different intensity workouts per session

Each week I will set-up a meeting point in the Chamonix center area.
All training sessions will have a specific goal and last one hour.
Some weeks the training will be on hills, flat or rolling terrain.
Come learn new training techniques and cutting-edge drills.
I will advise on your individual training.

I guarantee lot’s of fun, quality training and results.

Hydration vest or handheld water bottle

A smile!

Improved fitness
smoothies & goodies
Weekly tips & training info via private messenger group

Lots of fun and positive energy!