Increase fitness for the trail: how to plan a training program and gain endurance & strength to enjoy quality workouts in the mountains!

Get Fit Mountain Running Clinic: 1.5 day / 125e
Friday May 12: 18:30 to 20:30
Saturday May 13: 9:00 to 16:00
Level 1

“I learned so much, I’m already out and about putting the things I learned into practice. I can run not just walk the climbs and I don’t over stride in the descents anymore, I feel confident, the techniques we learned are invaluable! Racing or not, it will benefit me for a long time on this fitness journey! You are doing great work in Chamonix Chloë, meeting you is one of the great things for me during this season!”
Selina Walker, UK

You will learn how to improve running conditioning with drills and training techniques to increase your endurance, strength, and running form for all terrain.
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Friday evening seminar : workout planning
One-on-one coaching
Video analysis
Injury prevention

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