Four hour seminar to prevent and stay injury free,  join us May 10th, 2019!

2hrs / 15euros
Location: TBA in Chamonix
Thursday May 10, 2019
19h00 to 21h00

Chloë an elite runner has a Master in Sports Biomechanics & Human Performance, an author and consultant in sports medicine, she is an international leader in sports rehabilitation and performance training. She works with some of the best Sports Orthopedic Clinics and Professional Teams in North America and Europe. Get the privilege of an individual evaluation and key exercises to be injury free for the season, a fun day of learning!

“During a running trip to the Dolomites in the spring 2018, Chloë took a few minutes to evaluate a hip complaint I told her about. Within minutes she had identified the source of the problem; gluteus tendinopathy and major musculoskeletal imbalances and put together a rehab program. Despite my best efforts it had been ongoing for months, after starting the program created by Chloë I saw notable improvement within 2 weeks and complete resolution in 6 weeks. She was instrumental in a very successful running season for me.
Luke Nelson, elite mountain runner, 8th Tor des Géants 2018

What you will learn:
Common running injuries and prevention: Illiotibial band syndrome, achilles & patella tendinopathy, calf pain, hamstring tightness, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis…
Injuries from poor running form and how to avoid
Key exercises to reinforce the weakest links
Understanding tightness, soreness and pain
Key drills & exercises to prevent injuries, enhance efficiency of running mechanics and  boost performance.
Come ask questions and get answers!

Info booklet
Goodie bag from our sponsors: Patagonia, Lyofood, compeed
The Formula Performance Sport Drink
Lots of individual feedback to help you prevent injuries

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