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NEW – Speed Camp for Trail Runners
2 Days / 150 euros
June 8 & 9, 2019

Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 to 15h00
Level 2 & 3

Speed is very important for endurance, it improves overall pace & fitness, builds leg strength & oxygenation, enhance resistance to fatigue and equals greater performance. The secrets lays in the type of speed training, all-out sprint intervals or traditional track sessions won’t do it! Come learn exciting new drills and training formats that will inspire new training sessions and change your running forever!

 With speed training we learn to endure shorter, steeper and longer trails. Speed is the foundation of racing!   

You don’t need to compete to take part of this camp!

Building speed and endurance simultaneously
Economy workouts to improve speed for 20km to 100km+ distances
Improving recovery rate and speed on flats & rolling terrain following long climbs and descents
Functional speed training for all terrain

One-on-one coaching
Video analysis: tips and drills for better form
Speed program planning strategy for your favorite distance
Info booklet
Goodie bag from our sponsors: Patagonia, Lyofood, Compeed
The Formula Performance Sport Drink

For more info or to register, contact us !