Gain greater speed & strength for the climbs, maximize cardio capacity for the distance and optimal resistance to fatigue.
Mountain Running Camp : 2 days
 : 175 euros
Preparation for 50km to 100km distances
May 6 & 7: 8:30 to 16:30
Level 2 & 3
“Chloë is amazing, not only does she embody what she’s teaching, she does it with a true passion and leads by example. I commend her ability to rally us around and push us to dig deep when we might just want to say ‘okay that’s enough’. The drills were varied and specific to all terrain, my technique and abilities to run faster improved in a matter of 2 days. I learn so much that we never read in magazines, online articles and even in books! “
Christine Tucker, Switzerland

Workouts & drills to increase speed and endurance for various mountain terrain
Economy workouts / quality runs
Vertical training: ascending and descending drills to improve form, efficiency and strength to run steeper and longer climbs

One-on-one coaching
Video analysis : tips and drills to improve form and economy
Injury prevention
Tips on hydration and fueling for the trails

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