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five cool clinics

Shoes & Feet – Saturday May 27th
Dryland – Sunday May 29th
Speed Training for Ultra’s Sunday May 30th
Downhill – Sunday June 13th
Cadence & Strides – June 20th

Learn skill sets to bring your running to new levels
Cutting edge-training and fun clinics!
All running fitness welcome
Register early since space is limited due to the pandemic
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“Chloë thank you for all your helpful advice & tips towards my training and my injuries, your clinics & special events are awesome and I learn so much, you are an inspiration to run with!”
Nancy Jiang, 2nd women Marathon du Mont Blanc Vertical, 2018

CADENCE & STRIDE CLINIC trail runner’s secret weapon
Often overlooked learn WHY and HOW to improve cadence and efficiency of strides with drills and training techniques for all terrain, the distance and different speed
One of the best skill to master to increase resistance to fatigue, leg strength & oxygenation, run economy & mechanics, injury prevention, and to improve overall running fitness
Sunday June 20th, 2021
08h30 to 15h30
Fee: 95 euros
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DRYLAND CLINIC kick ass land training to boost single track performance
Platform of drills & exercises to promote elasticity, agility, balance, coordination, mobility, run mechanics & economy, speed, strength, and resistance to fatigue for the trail.  Learn how to incorporate Dryland in your weekly training this season.
The key to injury prevention, turn your weaknesses into strength
You don’t want to miss this day!
Saturday May 29th, 2021
Time: 08h30 to 15h30
Fee: 95 euros space is limited register early
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SPEED TRAINING for ULTRA’S CLINIC speed is the foundation of racing
Learn to get faster for the distance
Forward thinking training methodology that will change your running forever
How to build speed and endurance simultaneously ; increasing lactate threshold with sub max speed training ; base speed training for all terrain ; enduring ; vertical training ; platform of quality training sessions
Sunday May 30th, 2021
08h30 to 15h30
Fee: 95 euros
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DOWNHILL CLINIC rewire technique, confidence, get faster
Learn how to run efficiently in the descents without killing your quads & knees and by gaining speed- versus slowing down
Drills to increase confidence in technical terrain ; pacing for longer descents ; eccentric training for quadriceps ; how to eliminate delayed muscle soreness after long descents ; vertical training ; how to run faster on flat after a long descent ; injury prevention
Terrain reading, foot placement, cadence and strategies
Sunday June 13th
08h30 to 15h30
Fee: 95 euros
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An evening to clarify the pros and cons of different type of shoes ; technology (maxi, mini, drop, correction…) their influence on running mechanics ; shoes & performance ; shoes & injuries ; how to buy shoes
Foot gait cycle, balance, stability ; training the foot to run ; do we need orthotics? Followed with Q&A
Thursday May 27th
17h00 to 19h00 CET – Central European Time
20 euros
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” Chloë taught me so much while training with her in Chamonix; to shorten my stride, which can be counter intuitive for a former track athlete ; to broaden my downhill supports and keep a good speed, a faster cadence while climbing ; to navigate effectively in tight downhill turns and on very technical terrain. She has a gift to make us effective and faster in a few minutes! I did a 20 mile run in the Tetons when I got back and I did it in a personal best of about 30 minutes and felt less tired! I have run professionally for over ten years, so I have a good perspective on training, exercise physiology and a good coach, Chloë clearly has incredible knowledge at all levels of training, biomechanics, dryland, prevention and management of road & trail running injuries. ”
Anne-Marie Letko, American professional long-distance runner & two time Olympian