Come to Chamonix May 23 to 26 2019, get inspired to learn every aspect of a well rounded mountain runner, reach a new level!

Four Day Performance Mountain Running Camp
4 days / 425 euros
May 23th to 26th, 2019
Starts: Thursday @ 09h00
Ends: Sunday @ 15h00
Level 2 & 3

This camp is unique, fun and full of information, every aspect of a well rounded mountain runner is covered. You will learn hands-on, experience different training formats, drills and get lots of individual feedback. Each day is well balanced between quality training, mini-seminars, fun mountain adventures, good food and quality recovery. You will discover multiple and amazing trails of the Mont Blanc Region. You will leave the camp fitter with many tools to become more performant for the coming season. This is our bestselling camp, space is limited so register early!

“The Chamonix camp more then met my expectations. Chloë is tremendously knowledgeable and skilled. She is an excellent teacher, observes weaknesses and explains how to fix and progress. I am really glad I came from Canada for a week in France to learn better training techniques, vertical training and get good prehab for my injured hamstrings! Chloë is very inspiring and knowledgeable and a tremendous resource.”
Ann Marie Gill, Elite runner, BC Canada

Night adventure run at altitude
One full day mountain traverse
Discover the amazing trails of the Mont Blanc region between Vallorcine and Chamonix
Lunch at local Blaitière’s right of the trails, healthy meals with local produce
Video analysis
We are locals and make sure you experience the best mountain culture and the least traveled trails!
Visit at the well-known mountain rescue heli- base of Chamonix

What you will learn:
Training techniques to increase strength, speed, endurance for the distance and terrain
Proper form for all terrain
Drills to be efficient at running (not walking) hills and techniques to increase speed and confidence for the descents.
How to plan Vertical training session
Daily mini-seminars: workout planning, injury prevention, race strategy, motivation & inspiration, monitoring recovery, nutrition, hydration & fueling, foot care.
Training regimen to promote fat metabolism and greater leg oxygenation
Mountain safety
Injury prevention exercises, land training drills and stretching routine

Running Fitness level needed: you can run for a minimum of 90 minutes non-stop but have the stamina for longer at an easy pace and with breaks in between. If you are not sure you have the right running fitness to join the camp do not hesitate to contact us

Camp schedule:
Days starts at 09h00, except one morning at 11h00 due to a late night run prior evening.
The days will end around 16h00 with one afternoon free, the day of the night run.
The last day, Sunday we end at 15h00

Important: The camp schedule and itinerary may vary due to the unpredictable mountain weather and conditions.

One-on-one coaching
Train transfer in the Chamonix valley to travel to or back from an itinerary
Informative booklet
Goodie bag from our sponsors: Patagonia, Lyofood, Compeed
The Formula Performance Sport Drink

Meals and accommodation are not included

Insurance: Please note we suggest to have the appropriate insurance for rescue & medical costs as we will be running in the mountains.

For more info or to register, contact us !