duranceTime to treat yourself to a mountain running adventure! Every aspect of a well-rounded mountain runner will be covered.

Mountain Running Camp: 4 days  /  375 euros
Preparation for 25km to 100km+ distances
Camp #1: May 25 to the 28
Camp #2: July 13 to 16
Starts: Thursday @ 9am
Ends: Sunday @ 15:00
Level 2 & 3

“The Chamonix camp more then met my expectations. Chloë is tremendously knowledgeable and skilled. She is an excellent teacher, observes weaknesses and explains how to fix and progress. I am really glad I came from Canada for a week in France to learn better training techniques, improve my form, and get good prehab for my injured hamstrings! Chloë is very inspiring and knowledgeable and a tremendous resource.”
Ann Marie Gill, Elite runner, BC Canada

Each day will be well balanced between quality training on the trail, mini-seminars, unique mountain experiences, fun mountain adventures, good food and quality recovery !

One-on-One coaching
VO2Max testing on treadmill
Video analysis : tips and drills for better form
One Full day mountain traverse
Night adventure run!
Training regimens to increase endurance cardio capacity and speed for the distance and steeper terrain
Vertical training: climbing and descending drills to increase one’s skills and performance
Technical training for a wide range of trails and various mountain terrain.
Various mini-seminars: workout planning, injury prevention, competitive strategy & motivation, monitoring recovery & nutrition, hydration & fueling, foot care, mountain safety
Prehab exercises and stretching routine
Informative booklet

Does not include accommodation and meals.
A full schedule will be provided upon registration.

For more info or to register, contact us !