Treat yourself to one-on-one coaching, come and learn!
Every aspect of a well-rounded mountain runner will be covered.

Mountain Running Camp: 4 days  /  425 euros
Preparation for 25km to 100km+ distances

 May 17th to 20th, 2018
Starts: Thursday @ 9am
Ends: Sunday @ 15:00
Level 2 & 3

“The Chamonix camp more then met my expectations. Chloë is tremendously knowledgeable and skilled. She is an excellent teacher, observes weaknesses and explains how to fix and progress. I am really glad I came from Canada for a week in France to learn better training techniques, vertical training and get good prehab for my injured hamstrings! Chloë is very inspiring and knowledgeable and a tremendous resource.”
Ann Marie Gill, Elite runner, BC Canada

Each day will be well balanced between quality training on the trail, mini-seminars, fun mountain adventures, good food and quality recovery!

One-on-one coaching
Video analysis : tips & drills for better form and efficiency on the trail
One full day mountain traverse at low-moderate pace
Night adventure run!
Training regimen to promote fat metabolism and oxygenation
Vertical training: climbing & descending drills
Training techniques to increase strength, speed, endurance for various mountain terrain.
Mini-seminars: workout planning, injury prevention. competitive strategy & motivation, monitoring recovery & nutrition, hydration & fueling.
Prehab running specific exercises, land training drills and stretching routine
Informative booklet

Does not include accommodation and meals.
A full schedule will be provided upon registration.

For more info or to register, contact us !