Run, experience, learn, and get inspired!
A unique weekend of quality training & mountain running in beautiful Chamonix!

NEW: Mountain Running Training Camp: 2.5 Days / 245euros
Camp #1: April 27 (evening), 28 & 29, 2018

Camp #2: July 20 (evening), 21 & 22, 2018
Friday: 18:00 to 20:00 intro evening, no running
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 to 16:00
Level 2 & 3

A new addition to our mountain running camp series for 2018, a weekend to explore your potential, experience something new and learn efficient training techniques & drills. Discover new inner strength while having an amazing time!

The camp is structured to expose runners to every aspect of training to be a performant, injury free and well rounded mountain/trail runner.
The camp is non-competitive and in a fun and supportive environment.

Training focus for the weekend:
Friday evening:
Intro, gear check, planning training, questions & answers!

Saturday morning:
Warm-up trail run (1hour): form & cadence
Vertical training (2hrs): climbing & descending drills & intervals for mountain running
Saturday afternoon:
Run specific land training drills to increase core strength and speed & power for the trail (1hr)
Tempo trail run (1hr15min.): rolling terrain
Run specific stretching routine (40min.)

Sunday morning: (total 3hrs)
1200m+ climb: pacing, form and techniques for steeper terrain
Run traverse above 2100m+: pacing, cadence, mixture of technical trails.
lunch with a view at altitude!
Sunday afternoon:
1100m (average) descent / technical trail: pacing, confidence and technique (1hr20)
Recovery valley trail run  (40min.)
Prehab exercises routine & injury prevention (1hour)
Relax time: refreshing drink and feet up!
Important: times mentioned for each training session may vary due to weather conditions and/or level of the group.

One-on-one coaching
Video analysis
Injury prevention exercises
Run specific stretching routine
Workout & training plan
Info handout
Patagonia run cap
Lyofood smoothies & goodies

For more info or to register, contact us !