Master the trail for ultra distances and learn
training secrets including fat metabolism to run longer, faster and further!

Performance Ultra-Mountain Camp: 2.5 Days / 265euros
Preparation for 100km+ Distances
June 8th (evening), 9th & 10th, 2018

Friday evening: 18:00 to 20:00 intro, no running.
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 to 16:30
Level 2-3

Gain in-depth knowledge to achieve your next mountain ambition, ultimate and fun weekend focusing on alpine endurance, join us!
You do not need to be a competitive runner to take part of this camp.

“In the Zermatt Camp I learned how mastering breathing, form & technique for both climbing and descending save so much energy, which then transfers into greater speed & power. The camp thought me that one should always be open to new advice, to learn new skills in order to improve performance. This has already benefited me greatly in the Zermatt Ultraks race where my time significantly improved. Thanks Chloë, I owe a lot to you for this progress!”
Michel Erpen, competitive trail runner, Zermatt Switzerland

The fundamentals of ultra-mountain running: smart training, planning and strategies.
Training techniques to reach greater endurance and strength for the mountains.
Vertical training: climbing drills to gain strength, power, endurance for steeper and longer trails.
Training regimen to promote fat metabolism and leg oxygenation.
Descending drills to increase confidence, speed, technique and eccentric strength.
Proficient cadence and pacing for various terrain and longer distances.
Gain greater resistance to fatigue

One-on-one coaching
Video analysis: tips & drills for better form and efficiency on the trail
Training strategies, physiological changes, fat metabolism and greater leg oxygenation; run further, longer faster, recover quicker.
Training plan, injury prevention and monitoring recovery

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