Join me March 10 to learn valuable training tips, recovery strategies and racing skills to race back-to-back-to-back long distances!

Stage Racing Clinic
A fun day of great info!
40 euros
March 10, 2019
9h00 to 16h00
Everyone welcome even if you don’t have a stage race planned!

Stage racing requires a different mind-set of training, racing skills and some important physiological adaptation, e.g.: adapting the body to recover quickly on a daily basis and a substantial increase in overall resistance to fatigue.
Come learn how best to race consecutive days of long distances!
From desert events to mountain racing!

Chloë has completed five Marathon des Sables and came second in the Raid des Troll 200km stage race in Norway

The clinic is a combo of hands-on seminars in a great indoor location and some fun  outdoor training runs.

Focus of the day:
Cycles of training leading to race
Back-to-back long runs training regimen: when to implement, benefits and what to be aware of.
The importance of intensity training for multi-day racing
Training for fat metabolism adaptation
Training to increasing leg oxygenation and resistance to fatigue simultaneously to enhance performance, recovery rate and injury prevention
Injury prevention: training, recovery and racing week
The importance of choice of equipment: food, material, bag, foot care kit… be light move faster!
Fueling strategy to recover in less then 12 hours
Hydration strategy to optimize performance
Race week: meals and calorie intake strategy for maximum recovery, max calorie absorption and how to avoid depletion
Sleep strategy
Mental readiness – 80% of the race is about this!

Info booklet
Goodie bag from our sponsors: Patagonia, Lyofood, Compeed
The formula 100% natural sport drink
Slide show of Marathon des Sables
Answers to your questions
A fun and dynamic day!

Important: most of the info covered can be translated to ultra-distance races, not just stage racing.

For more info or to register, contact us !