A day of drills and quality training to gain strength, power, speed and proper form to master the climbs and the descents.

Vertical Training Camp

1 day  :  85 euros
Camp #1: Saturday April 22nd: 8:30 to 17:00
Camp #2: Sunday June 11th: 8:30 to 17:00
Level 2 & 3

“The Chamonix camp was excellent and so much fun! I learned lots about building a routine, the importance of vertical work, adopting good habits, metrics for self evaluation, how to improve form, speed and endurance for the steeper terrain, great tips for quicker recovery … all extremely useful! Chloë is Superb to say the least!”
Bill Zimmerman, Seattle USA

Vertical training makes you faster on flats, stronger on hills, run longer with less effort, increases resistance to fatigue, and provides great confidence and quicker legs for the descent.
Be a well-rounded mountain runner!
To be stronger and faster on hills you have to to train on them, not just run or walk them!

Vertical training: Drills for multi-terrain: short, steep, long and progressive climbs
Descending skills: speed, form and confidence
Build a cardio for greater vertical gain, mountain traverses and racing.
Upper body drills for powerful legs

Video analysis
Programming and planing
Injury prevention through good form
Positive experience!

For more info or to register, contact us !

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