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Run to Perform

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Gives runners a chance to be part of a dynamic, cultural and inspiring international running community and have access to professional coaching, monthly educational articles, guest speakers, live video seminars on a wide range of topics from high-performance training, racing, run mechanics, injury prevention, nutrition-food, recovery, running injuries, mindset…
Once you register for one of our Virtual Training Camp you are part of the STRIDE Team !

2021 STRIDE Virtual Camp SCHEDULE
Winter Camp : Speed-up ! : February 1st to March 6th – special guest Tim Tollefson
Spring Camp : Gear-up the Volume  March 22nd to April 25th,  5 weeks – 150 euros –  special guest The MacLean Brothers
Dryland Camp : Run economy & Zero injury : May 10th to June 6th – 4 weeks – 135 euros  – special guest Victoria Evans
VERT Camp : Climb to Peak Fitness : June 13th to July 11th, 4 weeks – 135 euros – Special guest Imagine
Summer Camp : Run on O2 : July 12th to August 8th, 4 weeks – 135 euros
Fall Camp : Reboot : October 18th to November 14th, 4 weeks – 135 euros – SOLD-OUT

“I feel faster and fitter from the WINTER virtual camp. Challenging and fun, the group motivation even from distance is really useful, especially during Covid times. After 3 weeks I had improved my average cadence by around 5 steps per minute which is huge for me. I am surprised by how much quicker I am moving. The 1:1 run analysis was super useful, Chloë has a lot of experience to share. I’ve been coached in the past and we didn’t really talk much about HOW to run faster, importance of mechanics and so on.”
Carrie Craig, from Scotland living in Chamonix

For passionate runners who love training, driven and curious to get stronger and faster
Pro coaching. Innovative virtual training tools. Run mechanics analysis. Team spirit.
Monthly newsletter. Weekly live video discussions. Individual coaching.
come unlock your running potential

three weekly run sessions : volume progression
key workouts to earn the most run fitness
be stronger. endure more. recover quicker. stay injury free.
weekly one-on-one calls with Chloë
weekly Zoom live video with the STRIDE Spring Camp Team
Get inspired!

In a period that is not always possible to train with friends, with your club or team and
with the unknown of race schedule & travel restriction for 2021 we must get inspired:
there is no limits to become the best runner you can be !

“The WINTER virtual camp exceeded my expectations by far. I definitely gained strength and speed. The run analysis was simply amazing, my running mechanics and efficiency definitely improved. The design of the workouts is fantastic. That being said: awesome, highly effective program, great one-on-one meetings, coaching, and the community is highly motivating. Thanks Chloë for all the work you put into this and the effort to pass-on quality information & training concepts.” Frederik Stöhr Md, Germany

Benefits of our Virtual Training Camps:
specificity training
grow as an athlete, learn about your body, escape your limitations
a chance to be monitored and get closer to your physiological potential
skill training for more efficient run mechanics
customize sessions to your run fitness
gain knowledge and skill set
be part of a fun, inspiring and supportive team
get fitter for your favorite distance : better, faster, stronger, endure more, recover faster
It’s also about having lots of fun while training smart !

Chloë Lanthier is a passionate professional & certified NCCP running coach and accomplish runner. With 25+ years experience coaching track, road, mid-distance, trail and ultra runners, her approach is innovative and multi-dimensional, translating her deep knowledge & expertise of exercise science, biomechanics, injury prevention, nutrition-food, running injuries and training principles to offer very effective, energizing and fun coaching, she gives results.
Chloë is the author of the french bestseller Trail, les clés pour performer sans se blesser (Glénat 2020)
“Trail, perform without getting injured’ not yet available in English