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What people have experienced with us

It’s been four months I’ve been training with Chloë’s program, the feeling is completely different than past experiments with high output over shorter time periods. In the past I had pushed myself hard enough that it felt like I was tearing myself down. Now, the difficult runs charge me up even though they are tiring. The program has also sharpened my mental game in ways that is benefiting my climbing. I’m applying this focused mentality to climbing with really good results. I put up a new 5.12 overhanging crack climb here in Yosemite that was possible for me because this program has created an amazing base level of fitness that climbing training alone did not provide for me. Thank you again Chloë this running program is changing my life, giving my new power and a new feeling .” April 2018
Ryan Kelly, runs, climbs, lives and works in Yosemite National Park

” I developed a knee injury during the Mont Blanc marathon in June 2018 with severe medial knee pain ,and difficulty in walking. As a full time Guide de Haute Montagne the consequences were particularly grave. After five days rest and little improvement I had a MRI scan and consequently was instantly booked in for an arthroscopy to treat several meniscus tears. Simultaneously I had a consultation with Chloë- within a week of rehab exercises I was back guiding and 2 months later won my first ever trail race, the Trail du Petit Saint Bernard (40km – 2250m+). I cancelled the knee surgery booking at this point! I had developed a series of major muscular imbalances over many years, with poor glute activation and very week VMO’s. Also poor dorsal flexion, and relatively weak lower leg musculature. Following on from this we have made small adaptations to my running form, with improved posture on steep uphills, and a higher cadence on all terrain. A year later I’m still working as a full time guide, train and compete in trail races with no knee problems. “
Jonathan Bracey, UIAGM mountain Guide, alpinist and passionate mountain runner

” Chloë taught me so much while training with her in Chamonix; to shorten my stride, which can be counterintuitive for a former track athlete ; to broaden my downhill supports and keep a good speed, a faster rate of climb ; to navigate effectively in tight downhill turns and on very technical terrain. she has a gift to make us effective and faster in a few minutes! I did a 20 mile run in the Tetons when I got back and I did it in a personal best of about 30 minutes and I felt less tired! I have run professionally for over ten years, so I have a good perspective on exercise physiology and a good coach, Chloë clearly has incredible knowledge at all levels of training, biomechanics, dryland, prevention and management of road & trail running injuries. “
Anne-Marie Letko, American professional long-distance runner & two time Olympian

” I came training with Chloë to get ready for the Snowdonia Trail Marathon (which is a qualifier for the worlds mountain running championship) and had an absolutely incredible experience. I learnt loads about training and technique that I feel will really enhance my running performance. She gave me lots of very useful constructive feedback and how I can improve my speed and efficiency running up and downhill. Chloë used her expertise in biomechanics to perform some screening test to identify strength, muscle activation, imbalances and look at my running form. She implemented this information to provide me with some specific exercises & drills to identified weaknesses which will help prevent injury and improve my running efficiency. I would recommend Chloë to anyone looking to improve their running and looking to unlock a new level of performance. Her holistic approach to all aspects of performance will help to really improve anyone’s running.
Rory Domville, Elite track runner, England Under 23’s mountain running Team

Chloë’s camp was filled with technical tips to be more efficient on all terrain and training methods that have changes my running. I could feel an improvement in the quality of my runs withing a few weeks. She introduced the different speed we should focus when trail running. I quickly saw the positive effects, in particular my speed improved significantly. Another advantage, it is easy to recognize and adapt to its different rhythms without necessarily having to rely permanently on data of heart rates or min / km. I also use this method during my competitions to manage my effort on the length. This allowed me to quickly improve my results and run most hills.”
Benjamin Pralong, experienced trail runner, Valais Switzerland

“I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in two days!  The energy and level of information you gave was fantastic, truly a special camp from start to finish. The level of details; science, medical, physical, mixture of practical & theoretical was spot on. Also I can’t believe how valuable and amazing the vertical training session was – WOW, can’t wait to add this to my program! Chloë is an amazing coach, a real inspiration, her experience, passion, knowledge is infectious.”
Kaz Williams, Pyllon Team, Chamonix

Training in the Alps with Chloë change my running. I learned to relax to have more power. I use my arm and elbows a lot more while climbing while relaxing my shoulders and looking upwards and not my feet, it gives me a better rhythm and I really feel the effectiveness of the force in my legs. In descents I am definitely faster and above all relaxed. Chloë pushed me on the trails to follow her in technical terrain with small quick and wide steps for better support and stay in control, my confidence as enormously improve to attack the long steep descent. I learned from Chloë to have the courage to know that it is possible to run any terrain and elevation gain and that I could improve, which I did. I adapted it to my training, competitions and my thoughts – Everything is possible!
Chloë is so inspiring, gifted, knowledgeable and such a humble athlete.
Naia Tower-Pierce, USA Youth SkyRunning Team, 8th World Championships 2019

” First time I took a running camp with Chloë (I took multiple) I had a long history of discomfort with my hamstrings and very tight sore calf muscles, which dramatically improved after the first camp. I learned lots on running mechanics, training methods for the trail, injuries & prevention, and being a doctor I have a high standard when it comes to new, scientifically based information on both body and biomechanics. I’m a long distance runner living in the Swiss Alps and running injury free is important to me. Working on better mechanics and improving my cadence made me run faster and more economical especially on the climbs. Performing the great dynamic drills I learned has helped heal my hamstring fairly quickly. The camps gave me a deeper understanding of running mechanics and training for mountain running. All in all my running became both more effortless, efficient, dynamic and I got faster !”
Frederik Stöhr, experienced mountain runner, Switzerland

” As a barefoot coach & runner, I understand the biomechanics of the foot and leg, its impact on the kinetic chain and how we move as a whole. I had the privilege of participating in the Chamonix Mountain Running Festival that Chloë organizes annually, and so it was really refreshing to hear Chloë pay particular attention to the importance of keeping your feet strong and responsive, and also incorporating barefoot running specific exercises for both injury prevention & greater performance on the trail. The session was rich in information and knowledge, Chloë really understands her field and communicates well the information, I really learned and it inspires me to achieve another level of performance in trail! ”
Rebecca Lewis, Coach, Barefoot Mallorca, Spain

“The camp exceeded my expectations, it was so much more than just running, I come out of it understanding how to train to increase my speed for 50km+ distances. The camp was all about quality and experiencing all the drills was much fun even if hard work!
Chloë is excellent!”
Moritz Gold, Zurich Switzerland

“We were treated to precious tips all weekend from running form, training drills and how to reach our goals. We got lots of individual time, she took into consideration our different fitness level, on-going tips, with a very positive attitude, Chloë is gifted! The camp was in a beautiful setting.”
Marc Le Roux, Geneva Switzerland

” Before meeting Chloë I almost never ran uphill in competition or in training, thinking that I kept my energy better. I didn’t realize that doing Vertical sessions was the key to improving my physical fitness for trail running. I have never felt like a good trail runner while always being at the back of the pack. Training with Chloë taught me that I could progress and now I realize that I can run most of the climbs except the very steep ones and that I continue to be stronger week by week. I am now running at a much faster pace and have better technique, I look forward and not at my feet! I gained confidence. I saw the results in one month, after 3 months of training with Chloë I participated in a 60km Trail 3330D + this fall and I improved my time of 2 hrs ago by 90 minutes !
Lucy Murdoch, Chamonix

“In the Zermatt Camp I learned how mastering breathing, form & technique for both climbing and descending save so much energy, which then transfers into greater speed & power. The camp thought me that one should always be open to new advice, to learn new skills in order to improve performance. This has already benefited me greatly in the Zermatt Ultraks race where my time significantly improved. Thanks Chloë, I owe a lot to you for this progress!”
Michel Erpen, competitive trail runner, Zermatt Switzerland

“I learn so much during Chloë’s camp, the most valuable was how to save energy and increase speed by running with the right technique, proper form and correcting muscular imbalances. The booklet she gave us is also detailed and very informative. She made us think, work hard and focus. She is professional and a great coach, very approachable and inspiring, it was a fun camp!
Christian Meier, CEO Stoked Holding AG, Zermatt Switzerland

” Chloë’s invaluable advice & expertise was crucial to the success of our row across the Atlantic Ocean and we have her largely to thank for the three world records that resulted from this expedition. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of the human body through her evidence based research, years of experience and herself being a world class endurance athlete.
Her knowledge & expertise in sport specific biomechanics, exercise physiology & training, recovery, nutrition and the importance she puts on mindset & fear training – laid the foundations of our training for our Atlantic crossing. She taught us the fundamentals of endurance sport and how to perform day after day, weeks after weeks with very little sleep while maintaining great energy and how critical this was to our success. She is inspiring, a wonderful person and incredible at her job. Thank you Chloë for everything. ”
Lachlan, Jamie, Ewan MacLean – BROAR, 3000 miles, 35 days across the Atlantic Ocean, 2020

” I had achilles tendon pain for 3 years before starting the Vertical sessions with Chloë in Chamonix. I could only run a few times a week and always with severe pain. No other recommendations had helped me before. With Chloë I learned to reduce my stride, to increase my cadence, I was a forefoot runner without releasing my heels on the ground  and I tended to flex my trunk forward on the climbs. From the first session Chloë identify these points by giving me practical tips that I applied during each intervals. The pain dissipated within a few weeks while always focusing on my technique. I was able to quickly increase my training volume & intensity. It’s amazing how I saw an improvement in a few months and running uphill without pain. Now 4 seasons of Vertical, pain free and stronger then ever and love the Vertical sessions, the people and the energy!
Linda Larson, trail competitor, Chamonix

“Chloë is amazing, not only does she embody what she’s teaching, she does it with a true passion and leads by example. I commend her ability to rally us around and push us to dig deep when we might just want to say ‘okay that’s enough’. The drills were varied and specific to all terrain, my technique and abilities to run faster improved in a matter of 2 days. I learn so much that we never read in magazines, online articles and even in books!
Christine Tucker, Switzerland

“Chloë is awesome, for such a talented athlete she is very considerate and not at all intimidating. She has an exceptional talent for accommodating to everyone’s needs, she is extremely knowledgeable, experienced & innovating with all the drills presented in the camp. I didn’t expect to learn about the different paces to be used for training, descending intervals and enzymes!  This has been a valuable lesson and so much fun in snow.”
Rachael Lowe, CEO Physiopedia, UK

“The Chamonix camp more then met my expectations. Chloë is tremendously knowledgeable and skilled. She is an excellent teacher, observes weaknesses and explains how to fix and progress. I am really glad I came from Canada for a week in France to learn better training techniques, improve my form, and get good prehab for my injured hamstrings! Chloë is very inspiring and knowledgeable and a tremendous resource.”
Ann Marie Gill, Elite runner, BC Canada

“I learned so much in the Preseason camp! I’m already out and about putting the things I learned into practice. I can run not just walk the climbs and I don’t over stride in the descents anymore, I feel confident, the techniques we learned are invaluable! Racing or not, it will benefit me for a long time on this fitness journey! You are doing great work in Chamonix Chloë, meeting you is one of the great things for me during this season!
Selina Walker, UK

“The Chamonix camp was excellent and so much fun! I learned lots about building a routine, the importance of vertical work, adopting good habits, metrics for self evaluation, how to improve form, speed and endurance for the steeper terrain, great tips for quicker recovery … all extremely useful! Chloë is Superb to say the least!”
Bill Zimmerman, Seattle USA

“ Registered for the Mont Blanc Marathon this coming June I decided to fly from the US and come do one of Chloë’s camp. Everything was so valuable especially learning about stride efficiency, pacing for the terrain, how to train on climbs, adjusting my form, preventing injuries, boosting my cardio capacity, quicker recovery… Chloë answered all our questions with practical drills while giving all of us on-going individual tips, truly remarkable. I really appreciated having some hands-on recovery physio included in the camp. Chloë is perfect, her camps are all about quality and her knowledge is unique, I want to come back and do more training with her!”
David Collett, DC Washington USA