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Chloë is a renowned expert in the field of sport rehabilitation, exercise physiology & performance training, functional anatomy and biomechanics  
A regular guest speaker at sporting events and at professional & academic conferences
Chloë has been an elite endurance athlete for three decades
25+ years of experience working on an international platform

Chloë translate the complexity of anatomical & biomechanical understanding of the body and sports-related injuries into progressive and highly effective performance enhancement techniques and injury prevention applications.

Chloë has a BA in Exercise Physiology and a Master in Sports Biomechanics & Human Performance. She is an international leader in sports rehabilitation & performance training, she works closely with sport orthopedic clinics & professional teams & athletes across North America & Europe.
A public speaker and writer, she is the author of the new book:  Trail, les clés pour performer sans se blesser (Trail, performing without getting injured)
Edition Glénat, France 2020

She has worked with the following sporting establishments :
Cirque du Soleil, New York City Ballet, Paris Saint Germain, Canadian National Hockey League, Alpine Skiing Canada, Canadian Coaching Certification Program, Opéra de Paris.
She works with some of the best sport orthopedic clinics in the USA and in Europe.
Chloë is a renowned leader in the field of Running from track, road, trail & mountain running.
She understand the sport in it’s full entity. She helps runners, coaches and sport medical expert advanced with innovative principles. From mechanical understanding of running and injuries, foremost in run rehabilitation, training principles and performance training for the runner.

Continuing Education
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“Chloë has become a key role in my own professional development. Her multidimensional breath of education, research, and 25 years of training allow her to relay key concepts with in-depth insight on the relationship between biomechanics, mechanisms of injury,  corrective exercises that are practical, effective, and sustainable. She understand sport rehabilitation & performance at every level. She teaches with such passion and enthusiasm that her platform backed on experience, science and research is palatable and fun.”
Tim Tollefson, Physical therapist and elite runner, Mammoth Lakes, California|