Unlocking mechanics to perform

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.39.22 PMContinuing education for sport orthopedic specialists
A stride forward!
25+ years
North America & Europe

Sports Performance & Rehabilitation:
mechanism of sport injury
evaluating mechanical overload
rehab protocols for return to play and competition

Runners Body Tool: assessment, diagnostic and cuing techniques
sport specific biomechanical analysis
maximizing kinetic chain fitness
sports performance development
neuroplasticity training – rewiring the brain
platform of sport specific exercises, drills and skill sets
mindset for athletes from rehab to competition : strategies
Greater economy enables the athlete to reach higher physiological potential

Unlocking movement for greater performance!

Chloë’s unique approach for rehabilitation and performance training goes outside the traditional model and aims to enhance sport specific mechanics and physiology by correcting imbalances before they affect performance, and developing skill training which both eliminates the cause of overuse injuries in endurance athletes.
The athlete becomes stronger than the demand of the sport.
To endure is to perform

Presenter and writer : Chloë Lanthier
We also have special guest speakers

Strides to Perform Run Certification

Monthly live PRO & FIT  webinars join our international community!

Due to the health pandemic our programs are virtually presented live via zoom
Always and still dynamic and inspiring!

All courses include:
Detailed work booklet
Valuable hands-on instruction and case studies
Continuing education credits
Course certificate
Innovative & inspiring material

Each season we launch new courses
We design course curriculum for the needs of our clients
If interested in hosting a course at your facility please contact us

Find below a partial list of courses available, please contact us to discuss needs and interests for continuing education

CONFERENCES – 8 hours webinars
Performance enhancement techniques for the skier
Upper extremity & scapular control
Lower leg injuries
Ankle sport injuries
Biomechanical causes of ITB compression syndrome in endurance cyclists and mountain runners
The athlete gluteus medius & maximus
Hamstring injuries : efficient rehab & powerful prehab for performance
Myofascial sling training for performance
The heel & knee of injuries : Achilles & patellar tendinopathy

MASTERCLASSES – 4 hours webinars
Proximal Hamstring tendinopathy : biomechanical evaluation & treatment
Popliteus instability & knee joint dysfunctions : assessment and effective rehab
Mechanotherapy : tissue healing through exercises
Myofascial sling training for athletic performance
Advanced Athletic Conditioning : techniques for greater performance
Functional Anatomy for Human Performance
How to increase power at the hips for cyclist & runners
Injury prevention and performance training for climbers
Injury prevention and performance training for mountain runners
Injury prevention and performance training for winter mountain athletes
Fueling & Hydration for endurance athletes
Food, hydration and fueling for greater performance
The female endurance athlete physiology

Please contact us to discuss needs and interests for continuing education
We also design specific course for our clients