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Chloë came up with the series idea during the first Covid confinement in the spring 2020
Due to the enthusiastic response we have decided to keep the series year round
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Videos are live on Zoom from Chloë’s studio in Chamonix
We invite you to join our international endurance community !

So much information on social media can be generalized, outdated, wrong or simply fad trends. It can limit your potential, performance and at worst, be detrimental to your health. Our objective with the FIT series is to provide science based, innovative, practical, cool and inspiring content, and give accurate answers to your questions.

Monthly series
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“You have ‘very easy to understand’ communication skills and unbelievable knowledge!”
Carlos Cadu, Professor in sport science & Coach, Brazil

“The video on The Science of Fatigue was amazing, some info I knew from Dr Tim Noakes, but great to hear all the different theories and your experience. You are a wealth of knowledge, and I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to learn from you!”
Rebecca Lewis, Running Coach, Spain


Wednesday’s Free Live videos – 12pm to 12h40pm CET
1. You are a runner who skis? How to protect your knees from injury this winter. January 20th
2. The science of cross-training does cross training actually make you stronger for sport specific ? February 3rd
3. Important steps you can take as an athlete towards a better future for the planet Feburary 17th

Trail Running Injuries

Cause of injury. How to prevent. How to heal. How to reinforce.

4. Patellofemoral syndrome  – Saturday January 16th,  5pm to 6pm CET – 20 euros
5. Iliotibial band compression syndrome – Sunday January 24th, 5pm to 6pm CET – 20 euros
6. Hamstrings injuries – Saturday February 13th, 5pm to 6pm CET – 20 euros

7. Core training for endurance athlete Thursday January 28th, 6pm to 7pm CET, 20 euros
The future of core training and a series of cool exercises

The core is so much more than the abdominal muscles
We need power and mobility not just stability and endurance from the core

8. How to be a strong endurance athlete Tuesday February 16th, 6pm to 7pm CET, 20 euros
Muscle do matter for speed, strength, to endure, for injury prevention and bone density
How to be strong without being bulky (so lean!)
How to loose extra body fat
Skinny is not sexy and detrimental to health and to the athlete longevity

9. Fueling & hydration for endurance performance  Tuesday February 23rd, 6pm to 7pm, 20 euros
Strategies to enhance training benefits. Greater recovery. Reducing injury risks.
From type of food, timing of fueling, how to choose sport drinks
Before. During. After exercises fueling & hydration strategies
The misconception around protein & carbohydrates
The do’s and don’ts

10. Myofascial sling training: strengthening beyond muscles, the future of functional training Sunday February 28th, 5pm-6h30 CET, 25 euros
Introduction to fascia, anatomy & physiology, sling properties, their role in sports & posture, movement pattern in sport specific
Learn some great exercises to add to your training regiment
Increase power output, joint mobility, overall strength & endurance for sport specific and reduce your risk of injury
The content of this session is very innovative and a chance to learn new skill set to increase performance

Copyrights: It is illegal to record or replicate any of the live videos & webinars material on social media, blogs, magazine articles or for videos, webinars, podcasts or written content. Chloë Lanthier Consulting 2021 Copyrights




In this special season Chloë shares a few of her personal favorites !
Books: I think all athletes should read plus… a few of my fav running books
Great gifts ideas
Sunday December 6th – 5pm to 6pm CET – Free
wholesome food I love for comfort, taste, nutritional value and to maximize my health,
metabolism and recovery as an athlete
Snacks, post workout, sustainable breakfasts and refueling dinners
Saturday December 12th – 5pm to 6h15 CETFree
Functional exercises: my fav exercises and drills that keeps me strong and fit
Sunday December 20th – 5pm to 6h15 CET – 20 euros

1. Heart rate : data that really matters – October 7th at 12pm CET
2. Sweating : the body’s thermostat, what you need to know – October 21th at 12pm CET
3. Run training tips for the fall : very cool! – November 4th at 12pm CET
4. Skate skiing : best winter sport for runners, find out why – November 25th at 12pm CET

SNOW INJURY PREVENTION SERIES (this includes runners & cyclists!)
1. How to prevent ACL injuries this winter (anterior cruciate knee ligament)Thursday October 15th, 7pm to 8pm CET – 20 euros
Unfortunately ACL strains & tears are common ski injuries and typically occur while landing from a jump or from a crash with a pivoting motion of the knee in a valgus position (internal rotation of knee). Prevent before getting hurt…
Musculoskeletal imbalances and factors of injury ; neuromuscular control training ; important tips & prehab exercises to focus before & during ski season ; changes & compensation if you have suffered an ACL injury and recommendations ; Chloë will demonstrate all drills & exercises.

2. Self-hip mobilization techniques, a must for the ski season! Thursday October 22nd, 7pm to 8pm CET – 20 euros
Improving hip mobility not only reduces the risk of back, hips and knee injuries but improves mechanics, athletic performance and can boost power output ; learn how it’s done ; key exercises for the ski season ; misconceptions around stretching ; Chloë will demonstrate all exercises ; a must if you suffer hip pain, tightness or discomfort. YOU NEED: 1 meter long theraband or superband or cross training band!

3. Calves muscles : ski mo, rando, Nordic or free skiing we need them to perform and to prevent knee injuries Tuesday November 10th, 7pm to 8pm CET – 20 euros
The gastrocnemius & soleus muscles play a crucial role the minute we set foot on skis going up or down ; learn why, mechanics and energy demand of soleus & gastrocnemius ; preventing patellofemoral syndrome ; predisposing factors to knee and calves injuries ; the size of your calves does not define it’s efficiency ; ski specific exercises get ready for winter, Chloë will demonstrate all exercises.

4. Hamstrings: the neglected endurance machine, everything you need to knowThursday November 26th, 7pm to 8pm CET – 20 euros
Why they get tight & sore ; predisposing factors to injury ; rewiring your mechanics ; elasticity vs strength exercises ; running, skiing & skinning hamstring drills ; Chloë will demonstrate all exercises.

1. Science of hydration for endurance: the dehydration syndrome Wednesday October 14th, 12pm to 1pm CET – 20 euros
Do we drink too much or not enough?!
Physiology of dehydration ; misconceptions ; the effect of different environment & temperature ; GI issues ; reason to hydrate ; training & racing drinking strategies ; key ingredients for proper hydration.

2. Training & racing mindset Part I: functional anatomy & physiology of your brain, mind versus brain Wednesday October 28th, 12pm to 1pm CET – FREE
Come understand how your brain and mind works together or against each other ; a fascinating world of opportunities ; intro to neuroplasticity training.

3. Training, racing, and rehab mindset Part II: unwanted thoughts & feelings and dealing with roadblocks (injuries, failures, confidence…) – Thursday November 19th, 7pm to 8pm CET – 20 euros
The athlete’s brain ; rewiring the brain with practical and mental skills ; identifying struggles ; training & racing mindset strategies for greater performance ; mental impact of overtraining ; injury syndrome ; neuroplasticity training part 2

4. Upper body training for Nordic skiing & ski mo – Your second pair of legs need some specificity training this fallWednesday December 2nd, 12pm to 1pm CET – 20 euros
The importance of upper body strength ; mechanics and energy demand for classic, skate and ski mo ; strength, endurance and dynamic sport specific exercises ;  Chloë will demonstrate all exercises ; bring your fitness to the next level this winter!

A STRIDE FORWARD SERIES – for passionate runners and coaches
1. Run technique ; why should you focus on the fundamentals this fall, come find out Sunday October 11th, 5pm to 6pm CET – 20 euros
Physiological & mental benefits, drills and specific workout examples ; review of proper run mechanics (visual aids will be used)
Be a stride forward!

2. Run economy for endurance runner ; underestimated but of most importance Sunday October 25th, 5pm to 6pm CET – 20 euros
Practical science of economy ; 4 key training techniques to increase run economy ; tools to measure your economy ;  misconceptions ; drills to focus in the off season ; economy is a lot more then running fast with a good technique!
Elite or new to running ; training for road marathon or mountain-trail running events, this is for you.

3. Base training for long distance & ultra’s, start thinking 2021 Sunday November 1st, 5pm to 6pm CET – 20 euros
Should you train this winter or not? ; misconceptions ; physiological objectives of base training ; training cycles & workout examples ; what do you want to achieve ? Start planning now with great tools!

4. Train like an Olympian ; be the best you can beWednesday November 18th, 12pm to 12h45 CET – FREE
Five qualities to help you be at your personal best  ; train with intention ; practical goal setting strategies to achieve ; accomplishment vs performance ; learn to be smart  ; injury prevention is key  ; baseline to results ; measures ; support team

FEMALE ENDURANCE ATHLETE SERIES – A must if you coach women
1. Physiological differences between men and womenThursday October 8th, 12pm to 1pm CET – FREE
Why men and women need to train differently ; physiological DNA ; hormones ; training principles to fit genetics ; strength vs endurance ; protein synthesis ; food and recovery strategies to fit your gender

2. Prehab & strength training guidelines to fit your female genetics Tuesday October 13th, 7pm to 8pm CET – 20 euros
Strength is crucial for endurance performance, injury prevention and even more so considering female genetics (hormones & metabolism) ; Unfortunately certain type of strength training methodologies will make you more vulnerable and have a direct impact on your performance ; learn the do’s & don’ts and why ;  proper guidelines to maximize your strength for endurance.

3. Food to match your hormones: strategies to enhance ENDURANCE performance Tuesday October 27th, 7pm to 8pm CET – 20 euros
Female athletes metabolize carbohydrate and protein differently (than men), food choice is very important (versus diet) and will have a direct impact on energy level, recovery and performance ; hormone cycles, food choice and the effect on performance ; list of important food (and why) ; food & eating strategies – before, during, post workout and on days off.

Have a look at the PRO live webinar series

Live from Chloë’s studio in Chamonix
Time zone in Central European Time, CET
You have to preregister send the list of videos you would like to join
You will receive the Zoom links the day prior each videos
Payment possible via Paypal or bank transfer
Videos are LIVE – no recordings available
Q&A period after each videos
To REGISTER or for more information contact us : send a list of all videos you would like to register for and if you prefer making payment via Paypal or bank transfer, merci!

Copyrights: It is illegal to record or replicate any of the live videos & webinars material on social media, blogs, magazine articles or for videos, webinars, podcasts or written content. Chloë Lanthier Consulting 2020 Copyrights

As a woman your body is singular and in an ever changing cycle. Women adapt differently (than men) to various type of training; long endurance and interval training for example, and metabolize fat, carbs and protein differently. This series will give the necessary skills to women, and coaches who train women, towards greater training efficiency with a multitude of positive physiological adaptations and a step towards greater performance.

Total of nine videos, two free
Sign up for the entire series: 90 euros
You can register for individual sessions

1. The Female athlete Intro session
Thursday August 6th – 12pm to 12h40 CET – FREE
2. Body Type and Body Composition Female hormones
Wednesday August 12th – 12pm to 12h40 CET – 10 euros
3. Fat and women, storing vs burning  Manipulate your metabolism
Monday August 17th – 12pm to 12h40 CET – 10 euros
4. The present-future of female endurance training Be a stride forward!
Wednesday August 26th – 12pm to 12h40 CET – 10 euros

1. Strength, power and speed training is essential for Female endurance athletes
Sunday August 9th – 5pm to 6pm CET – 20 euros
Body composition, bones vs lean muscle mass, glucose metabolism, leg strength,  endurance vs power training; what do you exactly gain! Progressive endurance training methodologies to benefit women’s physiology. Change your body for the best. Training session examples. Many misconceptions will be clarified.
Plus: skinny is not ‘sexy’, the impact of very low body fat and lean muscle tissue on your immune system and performance.

2. Periods are important : menstrual cycle and training what you need to know!
Sunday August 16th – 5pm to 6pm CET – 20 euros
Understanding hormones. Adapting training and food to the menstrual cycle for greater energy level, fitness and performance while reducing fatigue, bloating, cramps and GI discomfort.

3. Racing menopause over a life span Understanding the process to stay a step ahead – longevity starts young
I highly suggest women over 25 to join this video
Sunday August 23rd – 5pm to 6pm CET – 20 euros
Pre, during, post menopause; physiological changes, hormonal shifts, body composition, nutrients, fat metabolism, protein synthesis, side effects, facts and solutions.
Fitness level, training strategies, racing and performance ; the impact, facts and real good news!

4. Training: food, hydration and fueling Necessary components for female athletes the dos & don’ts!
Sunday August 30th – 5pm to 6pm CET – 20 euros
Optimal food choice to fit female hormones, physiological adaptation, boosting performance by 10%, changing perception of recovery, important strategies. Food to eat and stay away from; fats, proteins, carbohydrates and much more! Avoiding extreme fatigue and overtraining.

5. Female hormones: training, racing and performance take control
Sunday September 6th, 5pm to 6pm CET – FREE
Take charge of your body instead of looking at yourself in the mirror, jumping on the scale or comparing yourself. Avoiding extreme fatigue and overtraining. You can stay fit (mentally & physically) and be a strong competitor for many decades, come learn some great lessons!

To register or for more information contact us

With over 25 years of experience, Chloë has an international reputation as a leader in sports science, rehabilitation and human performance delivering with great passion and energy. She is dedicated to share cutting-edge, practical and efficient material that translate to results and resilient mindsets. Always clarifying misconceptions and giving accurate knowledge that is science based mix with her extensive knowledge and experience as an elite endurance athlete.
Chloë is the author of the new book Trail, les clés pour performer sans se blesser

Copyrights: It is illegal to record or replicate any of the live videos & webinars material on social media, blogs, podcasts, magazine articles or for live videos & webinars or written content.


INSPIRING FREE Live VIDEOS for endurance athletes
Wednesdays at Noon CET ; 20 minutes ; followed with Q&A
1. Come create your athletes profile, don’t miss this! June 17th
2. 100% inspiration for 100% perspiration June 24th
3. Sleep is part of training, what you need to know July 1st
4. Do endurance athletes need more carbohydrate & protein intake? July 8th
5. Alcohol & training, an odd couple July 22th
6. Open question session about training, racing, injuries, anything! July 29th

Designed for coaches and athletes
1. Focus on your direction: short & long term objectives, goals and dreams! Live video
Thursday June 18th – 12h00 to 12h30 CET – FREE
This live video will give you all the necessary tools to plan but also to attain what you want to achieve, don’t miss it!

2. Strategies to progress and perform Live webinar
Thursday June 25th – 17h00 to 18h15 CET – 20 euros
To see results in your training and racing you need to know how to evaluate your progression, Chloë will share her 10 fundamentals ingredients; practical, efficient and motivating, this is an investment in your training, trust me!

3. Trail, how to perform without getting injured: Chloë’s new book Live video
Thursday July 9th – 12h00 to 12h30 CET – FREE
The goal of all trail-mountain runner: stay injury free and perform!
Trail, les clés pour performer sans se blesser
Chloë will share insights and answer questions, make sure you join!

4. Trail-mountain running: race strategies Live webinar
Saturday July 18th – 17h00 to 18h15 CET – 20 euros
From tactics, pacing, fueling, hydration, listening to your body, decision making, change in plans, pain & fatigue, nutrition, injuries, mindset… I will share my favorite and most efficient race strategies for all distances.

1. Progressing towards a stronger Ultra Live webinar
Tuesday June 16th – 17h00 to 18h15 CET – 20 euros
Experience is key, now that you have it, it’s time to change gear and train smarter for your next Ultra ; Chloë will share her favorite Ultra training strategies & tips to help you achieve better results, learn to increase your potential with great tools.

2. Train faster on flats to be a stronger trail runner Live webinar
Tuesday June 23rd – 17h00 to 18h00 CET – 15 euros
Come learn the benefits of a few flat sessions a week ; how to plan it in your program ; the physiological adaptation ; advantage of flats for a vertical athlete ; the results!

3. The benefits of Altitude training Live video
Tuesday June 30th, 17h00 to 17h30 CET – FREE
How to plan ; how many hours or days ; pace ; benefits ; training strategies ; the do’s and don’ts ; misconceptions ; best spots in North America and Europe to do some altitude training ; come plan your next altitude adventure!

4. Tapering: planning the weeks prior to a trail-mountain race Live webinar
Tuesday July 21th – 17h00 to 18h00 CET – 15 euros

Often neglected with many misconceptions, come learn what to really focus on: volume, intensity, duration, days off, number of weekly runs, nutrition, hydration, mindset. Variable such as fitness level and race distances will also be covered, maximize your time!

1. Mountain-trail running hamstrings & groin injuries Live webinar
Wednesday July 15st – 19h00 to 20h30 CET – 20 euros
Factors & mechanism of injury ; muscle strain & tendinopathy ; understanding the cause; corrective form running drills ; It’s a chance to get answers, tips and great prehab exercises, don’t need to be injured to take this webinar!

2. Mountain-trail running ankle injuries Live webinar
Wednesday July 22nd – 17h00 to 18h30 CET – 20 euros
Factors & mechanism of injury ; understanding the cause ; misconceptions on proprioception training ; pain vs injury ; shoes and ankle-feet mechanics ; strengthening exercises ; It’s a chance to get answers, tips and great prehab exercises, don’t need to be injured to take this video!

IMPORTANT Copyrights: It is illegal to record or replicate any of the live videos & webinars material  on social media, blogs, magazine articles or for live videos & webinars or written content.

20 minutes FREE Live VIDEOS for endurance athletes
Wednesdays at Noon ; 20 minutes ; followed with Q&A
1. Best recovery tips for endurance athletes May 13th
2. Immune system & digestion: training & performance May 20th
3. Biology of food and diets: what you need to know May 27th
4. Overtraining: addiction or insecurity?  June 3rd

You are a coach or thinking of coaching or looking to get a coach, this is for you!
1. Come ask any training questions to Chloë Live video
FREE – Thursday May 14th – 12h00 to 12h30
2. Coaching and trail-mountain running: what you need to know Live video
FREE – Thursday May 21th – 12h00 to 12h30

3. The skills needed to be a good coach Live video
Wednesday June 3rd – 17h00 to 18h00 – 20 euros

1. You want to become a fat burning machine? Live webinar
Tuesday May 12th – 17h00 to 18h15 – 20 euros

Diet, fasting, training and performance: benefits and misconceptions ; physiological factors for greater performance ; training the fat enzymes ; glycogen, carbohydrates & fat adaptation ; low carbohydrates & low glycogen training ; pro’s & con’s ; Q&A

2. You have more potential than you think Live video
FREE – Monday May 18th – 12h00 to 12h30

3. Time for the BEST BASE TRAINING ever! Live webinar
Tuesday May 19th – 17h00 to 18h15 – 20 euros
With no racing this summer its the perfect opportunity to focus on base training, the foundation of fitness (and often overlooked) which leads to greater performance.
Benefits of base training ; misconceptions ; physiological adaptations ; how to achieve greater endurance ; type of workouts ; how much is too much volume ; plan your summer with Chloë ; Q&A

4. Longevity starts young! Live video
FREE – Tuesday May 26th – 17h00 to 17h30
If you are 30+ years old you need to join this video!
Age and performance ; latest research ; is VO2max a good measure of performance ; training methodology & physiological adaptations ; can you gain endurance and speed when 40+ years old ; how to maintain a performance level while aging ; secret training formula ; Q&A

5. Lower your perceived effort for greater performance Live webinar
Tuesday June 2nd – 17h00 to 18h00 – 20 euros
Rewire your brain; train more efficiently mentally and physically!
Science of perceived effort ; how to use perceived effort ; a feeling or a reality? ; neuroplasticity training ; mindset ; strategies for training & racing ; greater tissue tolerance vs overuse injuries ; Q&A

1. Mountain runner knee injuries Live webinar
Wednesday May 20th – 19h00 to 20h30 – 25 euros
Factors & mechanism of injury; understanding the cause
It’s a chance to get lots of answers, tips and prehab exercises
Mechanism of injuries for ITB compression syndrome, patella tendinopathy, patello-femoral syndrome ; prevention and strengthening ; do’s & don’ts ; Q&A

2. Tendinopathy injuries: trail-mountain runners Live webinar
Wednesday May 27th – 5pm to 6pm – 20 euros
Suffer from Achilles or patella tendon pain? or simply curious!
Identifying tendinopathy ; the cause ; mechanical overload vs running form ; training for recoil energy ; training tips & exercises to heal and prevent ; Q&A

Every Thursday – 17h00 to 18h00 – 20 euros each
Dryland training is key to solidify the body to make it stronger than the demand of the sport and its a kick-ass workout! Live videos
Chloë will share cool & innovative sports specific dynamic drills to enhance mechanics, neuromuscular pathway efficiency, remodel brain plasticity, increase speed, strength, power, endurance and perceived effort. The perfect solution to stay injury free, boost performance, plus its super motivating.  No equipment needed, your heart rate will increase, you will sweat and get fitter fast! Learn a great routine to maintain all summer!
Runners May 21th
Climbers May 28th
Different from the Climbers video we did in April, this is performance enhancement specifics

Cyclists June 4th

IMPORTANT Copyrights: It is illegal to record or replicate any of the live videos & webinars material  on social media, blogs, magazine articles or for live videos & webinars or written content.

20 minutes FREE Live VIDEOS for trail runners
Wednesdays at Noon ; followed with Q&A
1. You want to be faster? April 15th
2. You always loose time in the descents, learn a few tips April 22nd
3. The four qualities every mountain runners should possess April 29th
4. You always have pain in the same area(s) and nothing makes it better May 6th
Need to pre-register

SHOES & FEET Live video
FREE – Friday April 17th – 10h00 to 10h30
Minimalist, maximalist, drop and orthotics come learn the truth!
I will clarify the pros & cons of different type of shoes ; their influence on running mechanics ; shoes & performance ; shoes & injuries ; how to buy shoes ; do we need orthotics? ; Q&A
Need to pre-register

FREE – Monday April 20th – 12h00 to 12h30

Defining each : pro’s & con’s ; why stretching does not prevent injuries ; clarifying misconception ; areas we should focus on ; examples of exercises ; Q&A
Need to pre-register

CLIMBERS: Greater mechanics vs overuse injuries Live video
FREE – Tuesday April 21th – 17h00 to 17h30

Pain, tightness and injuries ; increasing joint stability for greater power ; training fascia elasticity ; grip strength for stronger shoulders ; power vs endurance drills : Q&A
Need to pre-register

FREE – Thursday April 23rd – 08h00 to 08h30
Running is actually technical but since everybody can run the perception of the sport is different!
What you need to know about run mechanics ; how to improve your form ;  9 out of 10 running injuries are caused by poor form ; good form boost your fitness, economy and speed ; Q&A
Need to pre-register

Sunday April 19th – 10am to 11h30 – 20 euros
Learn how to adapt your training while being in confinement and still get fitter, and the benefit of the minimalist training approach when back to normal life!
It’s all about the quality of each minute you put in. I will give guidelines to increase your aero-anaerobic thresholds, leg speed and strength with workout examples.
How to get back into a normal routine once the isolation period is over.
How to maximize quality training for long distances with less total volume, the future of endurance training!
Need to pre-register

Sunday April 26th – 10h00 to 11h30 – 20euros
You want to get fitter for steep terrain and for long distance, well you need to train appropriately!
What needs to improve physiologically ; muscles vs heart rate ; clarifying misconceptions ; aerobic vs anaerobic thresholds ; endurance vs strength ; the 3 key training vectors ; workout examples ; Q&A
Need to pre-register

Wednesday April 29th –
19h00 to 20h30 – 20 euros
Why 9 out of 10 trail runners get injured ? ; form vs terrain injuries ; cadence ; pain & fatigue factors ; prevention ; keys exercises & dynamic stretches ; Q&A
Need to pre-register

From April 16th to May 14th, every Thursdays from 17h00 to 19h00 – 10hrs course – 125 euros
Are you a passionate athlete, eager to learn about the human body?
Also an opportunity for coaches, trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists… everyone welcome!
Learn some great skills, broaden your knowledge ; functional anatomy & sports mechanics is fascinating ; knowledge gives you skill and opens up new opportunities
Fun, dynamic and easy to understand
work booklet, possibility of a weekly 15 minute one-on-one video call with Chloë, course certificate upon completion
Week #1 Introduction to functional anatomy & biomechanics
Skeletal system & soft tissues ; 3D motion ; musculoskeletal imbalances
From week 2 to 5, you will learn muscles involved, movement possible at each joints, common sports specific imbalances,  injury prevention, do’s & don’t, exercises & stretches.
Week #2 Back & Shoulders

Week #3 Hip, glutes and core
Week #4 Upper leg muscles and knee
Week #5 Lower leg muscles, ankle and feet