May schedule is live!
Live videos & webinars for endurance & mountain athletes

Live videos & Webinars
For the passionate endurance & mountain athlete
Everyone welcome!

We got inspired to start the FIT series back in March during the confinement
Due to the amazing feedback, thanks to you all
we will continue the series with new monthly content

We invite everyone to be part of our international community
Knowledge gives skills, opportunities and inspires
Learn to maximize your fitness & potential!

Over 15 live videos to choose from including 8 free
 Performance Training – Science based – Sports injuries & prevention – Sports specific
and much on the power of the mind & the brain!
For climbers, runners, cyclists…

With over 25 years of experience, Chloë has an international reputation as a leader in sports science, rehabilitation and performance training delivering with great passion and energy. She is dedicated to share cutting-edge, innovative, practical and efficient material that translate to results. Always clarifying misconception and giving accurate knowledge that is science based mix with her extensive knowledge and experience as an elite mountain athlete.

Once you register you will receive an email with link & code to join the videos on Zoom
Live from Chloë’s studio in Chamonix
Time zone CET
You have to pre-register for all videos & webinars, send us the list of the programs you would like to join, register early space is limited,

20 minutes FREE Live VIDEOS for endurance athletes
Wednesdays at Noon ; 20 minutes ; followed with Q&A
1. Best recovery tips for endurance athletes May 13th
2. Immune system & digestion: training & performance May 20th
3. Biology of food and diets: what you need to know May 27th
4. Overtraining: addiction or insecurity?  June 3rd

You are a coach or thinking of coaching or looking to get a coach, this is for you!
1. Come ask any training questions to Chloë Live video
FREE – Thursday May 14th – 12h00 to 12h30
2. Coaching and trail-mountain running: what you need to know Live video
FREE – Thursday May 21th – 12h00 to 12h30

3. The skills needed to be a good coach Live video
Wednesday June 3rd – 17h00 to 18h00 – 20 euros

1. You want to become a fat burning machine? Live webinar
Tuesday May 12th – 17h00 to 18h15 – 20 euros

Diet, fasting, training and performance: benefits and misconceptions ; physiological factors for greater performance ; training the fat enzymes ; glycogen, carbohydrates & fat adaptation ; low carbohydrates & low glycogen training ; pro’s & con’s ; Q&A

2. You have more potential than you think Live video
FREE – Monday May 18th – 12h00 to 12h30

3. Time for the BEST BASE TRAINING ever! Live webinar
Tuesday May 19th – 17h00 to 18h15 – 20 euros
With no racing this summer its the perfect opportunity to focus on base training, the foundation of fitness (and often overlooked) which leads to greater performance.
Benefits of base training ; misconceptions ; physiological adaptations ; how to achieve greater endurance ; type of workouts ; how much is too much volume ; plan your summer with Chloë ; Q&A

4. Longevity starts young! Live video
FREE – Tuesday May 26th – 17h00 to 17h30
If you are 30+ years old you need to join this video!
Age and performance ; latest research ; is VO2max a good measure of performance ; training methodology & physiological adaptations ; can you gain endurance and speed when 40+ years old ; how to maintain a performance level while aging ; secret training formula ; Q&A

5. Lower your perceived effort for greater performance Live webinar
Tuesday June 2nd – 17h00 to 18h00 – 20 euros
Rewire your brain; train more efficiently mentally and physicaly!
Science of perceived effort ; how to use perceived effort ; a feeling or a reality? ; neuroplasticity training ; mindset ; strategies for training & racing ; greater tissue tolerance vs overuse injuries ; Q&A

1. Mountain runner knee injuries Live webinar
Wednesday May 20th – 19h00 to 20h30 – 25 euros
Factors & mechanism of injury; understanding the cause
It’s a chance to get lots of answers, tips and prehab exercises
Mechanism of injuries for ITB compression syndrome, patella tendinopathy, patello-femoral syndrome ; prevention and strengthening ; do’s & don’ts ; Q&A

2. Tendinopathy injuries: trail-mountain runners Live webinar
Wednesday May 27th – 5pm to 6pm – 20 euros
Suffer from Achilles or patella tendon pain? or simply curious!
Identifying tendinopathy ; the cause ; mechanical overload vs running form ; training for recoil energy ; training tips & exercises to heal and prevent ; Q&A

Every Thursday – 17h00 to 18h00 – 20 euros each
Dryland training is key to solidify the body to make it stronger than the demand of the sport and its a kick-ass workout! Live videos
Chloë will share cool & innovative sports specific dynamic drills to enhance mechanics, neuromuscular pathway efficiency, remodel brain plasticity, increase speed, strength, power, endurance and perceived effort. The perfect solution to stay injury free, boost performance, plus its super motivating.  No equipment needed, your heart rate will increase, you will sweat and get fitter fast! Learn a great routine to maintain all summer!
Runners May 21th
Climbers May 28th
Different from the Climbers video we did in April, this is performance enhancement specifics

Cyclists June 4th

IMPORTANT Copyrights: It is illegal to record or replicate any of the live videos & webinars material  on social media, blogs, magazine articles or for live videos & webinars or written content.

20 minutes FREE Live VIDEOS for trail runners
Wednesdays at Noon ; followed with Q&A
1. You want to be faster? April 15th
2. You always loose time in the descents, learn a few tips April 22nd
3. The four qualities every mountain runners should possess April 29th
4. You always have pain in the same area(s) and nothing makes it better May 6th
Need to pre-register

SHOES & FEET Live video
FREE – Friday April 17th – 10h00 to 10h30
Minimalist, maximalist, drop and orthotics come learn the truth!
I will clarify the pros & cons of different type of shoes ; their influence on running mechanics ; shoes & performance ; shoes & injuries ; how to buy shoes ; do we need orthotics? ; Q&A
Need to pre-register

FREE – Monday April 20th – 12h00 to 12h30

Defining each : pro’s & con’s ; why stretching does not prevent injuries ; clarifying misconception ; areas we should focus on ; examples of exercises ; Q&A
Need to pre-register

CLIMBERS: Greater mechanics vs overuse injuries Live video
FREE – Tuesday April 21th – 17h00 to 17h30

Pain, tightness and injuries ; increasing joint stability for greater power ; training fascia elasticity ; grip strength for stronger shoulders ; power vs endurance drills : Q&A
Need to pre-register

FREE – Thursday April 23rd – 08h00 to 08h30
Running is actually technical but since everybody can run the perception of the sport is different!
What you need to know about run mechanics ; how to improve your form ;  9 out of 10 running injuries are caused by poor form ; good form boost your fitness, economy and speed ; Q&A
Need to pre-register

Sunday April 19th – 10am to 11h30 – 20 euros
Learn how to adapt your training while being in confinement and still get fitter, and the benefit of the minimalist training approach when back to normal life!
It’s all about the quality of each minute you put in. I will give guidelines to increase your aero-anaerobic thresholds, leg speed and strength with workout examples.
How to get back into a normal routine once the isolation period is over.
How to maximize quality training for long distances with less total volume, the future of endurance training!
Need to pre-register

Sunday April 26th – 10h00 to 11h30 – 20euros
You want to get fitter for steep terrain and for long distance, well you need to train appropriately!
What needs to improve physiologically ; muscles vs heart rate ; clarifying misconceptions ; aerobic vs anaerobic thresholds ; endurance vs strength ; the 3 key training vectors ; workout examples ; Q&A
Need to pre-register

Wednesday April 29th –
19h00 to 20h30 – 20 euros
Why 9 out of 10 trail runners get injured ? ; form vs terrain injuries ; cadence ; pain & fatigue factors ; prevention ; keys exercises & dynamic stretches ; Q&A
Need to pre-register

From April 16th to May 14th, every Thursdays from 17h00 to 19h00 – 10hrs course – 125 euros
Are you a passionate athlete, eager to learn about the human body?
Also an opportunity for coaches, trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists… everyone welcome!
Learn some great skills, broaden your knowledge ; functional anatomy & sports mechanics is fascinating ; knowledge gives you skill and opens up new opportunities
Fun, dynamic and easy to understand
work booklet, possibility of a weekly 15 minute one-on-one video call with Chloë, course certificate upon completion
Week #1 Introduction to functional anatomy & biomechanics
Skeletal system & soft tissues ; 3D motion ; musculoskeletal imbalances
From week 2 to 5, you will learn muscles involved, movement possible at each joints, common sports specific imbalances,  injury prevention, do’s & don’t, exercises & stretches.
Week #2 Back & Shoulders

Week #3 Hip, glutes and core
Week #4 Upper leg muscles and knee
Week #5 Lower leg muscles, ankle and feet