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“Fantastic talk, I read tons about fatigue, physiology and performance but I learnt some new stuff and the structure and presentation was just off the chart!” Frederik Stöhr Md, trail runner

Chloë came up with the series idea during the first Covid confinement in the spring 2020
Due to the enthusiastic response we have decided to keep the series year round
Videos are live via Zoom from Chloë’s studio in Chamonix
We invite you to join our international endurance community

So much information on social media can be generalized, outdated, wrong or simply fad trends. It can limit your potential, performance and at worst, be detrimental to your health. Our objective with the FIT series is to provide science based, innovative, practical, cool and inspiring content, and give accurate answers to your questions.
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“You have great communication skills and unbelievable knowledge!”
Carlos Cadu, Professor in sport science & Coach, Brazil

All four live videos for 25 euros or 10 euros each

1. The Runners Body
Wednesday March 24th / 6:15pm to 7:15pm CET
A fun crash course on the runners functional anatomy: which muscles engage when you run uphill, downhill or on flat and how to get them fitter. Why hamstrings get tight, quadriceps can hurt after long descents, calfs get fatigue on climbs and many more insights. Learn some great tips and get to understand what your body is telling you.
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2. The science of FATIGUE
Wednesday March 31th / 6:15pm to 7:15pm CET
Come find out the fascinating reality of why we really get fatigue ; how to increase resistance to fatigue ; tips to increase your physiological ceiling for greater performance ; the mental and physical brain of our fitness ; exhaustion versus fatigue
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3. Training for ULTRAS
Wednesday April 7th / 6:15pm to 7:15pm CET
There is no ONE formula to train for ultra’s. Training foundamentals for different distances including and above 75 kilometers ; parameters depending of fitness level ; progression ; functional threshold training, ratio intensity vs endurance training ;  mindset tips to get you fitter on the single track
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4. Get into CYCLING
Wednesday April 14th / 6:15pm to 7:15pm CET
Benefits of riding, how to get started, how to train to gain good fitness, and to increase leg strength to be spinning fit
I raced bikes for a decade and I will share some great tips for all fitness levels, muscle groups you need to train and how to ride & run to great fitness.
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“The video on The Science of Fatigue was amazing, some info I knew from Dr Tim Noakes, but great to hear all the different theories and your experience. You are a wealth of knowledge, and I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to learn from you!”
Rebecca Lewis, Running Coach, Spain

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