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Educational, practical and cutting-edge material for sport rehab specialists, massage therapists, coaches & trainers, and for the passionate athlete.
Focus is specific to sports rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance training.

“Anyone who signs up to take a webinar from Chloë is lucky to have her expertise. I really liked the shorter time frame, it drew attention to an area that can be overlooked in my treatment and assessment as a physical therapist. Thanks again!”
Andrea Dillon DPT Physical Therapist, Mammoth California USA

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May 19th
Core Training for Trail Runners: build a powerful foundation for your legs!
Core training is so much more then just doing sit-ups! Learn to train the myofascial slings and be more stable and powerful from the hips down. Gain speed and strength for the trail and prevent overuse injuries. Great exercises and training tips, don’t miss this webinar it will change your running

June 16th
Hamstring overuse Injuries: heal, prevent and perform to endure longer training!
Mechanism of injury, reason for suffering a hamstring injury, eccentric loading & elasticity training, key exercises to rehab and train the hamstring to be performant. Prevention is the key!

February 24th
Understanding Calf Pain: tightness, soreness or on-going pain?
Come learn about the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles function, the reason why they can be an on-going issue due to multiple factors, and at times limiting training/racing due to pain. You will learn functional anatomy, what to do, not to do and specific exercises to make them stronger and injury free for running, cycling and skiing.

March 17th
Patella Tendinopathy: knee pain, what you need to know and do, the latest!
On-going discomfort and/or limitation to exercise or train? Come learn the factors for suffering knee pain caused by an overuse injury. Functional anatomy, musculo-skeletal imbalances, what to do and not, key exercises to heal, prevent and be performant in sports.

April 7th
Lower Back discomfort: learn how to make it stronger and performant!
Individual posture, sport(s) practice and muscular imbalances are the prime factors to suffer from low back pain or mild discomfort, we will cover with detail. Also covered key exercises and training tips to enhance posture for sport specific and overall back, hip and core musculature for functional strength.

Webinars are added monthly!

‘Webinar was great. It helped me understand my body aches & pain so much better and you answered all our questions with great details and example of exercises. I also learned ton’s about the human body!  .’ Nikola Miljkov, mountain biker & trail runner, Serbia
Maximize Posture for Greater Performance

Posture is define as a pattern of movement between two groups of force; gravity and an individuals strength. But what is good posture? Is it all about doing core exercises and standing tall? NO! Learn how to achieve & maximize proper posture for sport efficiency, optimal power output and also to reduce injury risks.
Functional anatomy & mechanics of the spine, pelvis and scapula
Misconception of core and back training
Asymmetric patterns: primary and secondary imbalances
Reducing injury risks and increasing power output & efficiency of movement
Four type of posture and what does your posture say
The core support of the spine
The four key zones of postural training
Postural retraining for endurance athlete
Key exercises and progression
*A small handout will be provided via email

Prehab Techniques for Stronger Athletes
A progressive (and fun) training system to increase efficiency of athletic movement patterns, correction of  imbalances and increase performance; end results the athlete will attain greater training and competitive loads, decreased efforts and strain on tissues & systems.
Beyond cross-fit and strength training
Importance of speed & power training for endurance athletes
Neuromotor coordination training for performance
Efficiency of movement
Prehab routine, exercises and progression
Benefit of Myofascial sling training

Ski Injury Prevention
Common ski injuries, how they occur and prevention
Protect your knees: how to prevent anterior cruciate (ACL) & MCL ligament injuries, patella tendinopathy and knee pain.
Recurring injuries: what to do and how to put an end!
How to get more power from the hips
Building and efficient core to connect lower & upper body for better power on the snow.
Understanding your body’s musculoskeletal imbalances, tightness, weakness and pain.
Key drills and exercises to enhance efficiency of mechanics & performance

Hamstring: why long and strong is best
Why the biceps femoris length and good strength correlate quite well to reduced injury risk, a commonly injured muscle in athletes.
Functional anatomy & biomechanics
Injuries: overstretch, change of direction, fast running, uphill running
Understanding fascicle length
Key exercises
Dosage and frequency of hamstring training

Fueling and recovery for greater performance: Perform Better and Recover faster
For mountain endurance athletes
This is not about the latest gear, newest app or miracle diet, it’s about facts!
This workshop was selected for the 2017 Chamonix Arc’teryx Alpine Academy
The importance and benefits of proper fueling and the impact on the body
Sleep pattern, food and digestion
Fat adaptation; what does it mean ?!
Sustain energy and desire pace for longer distances
Training routine: when and what to eat throughout the day to increase energy and recovery rate
Fueling strategies for mountain endurance athletes
Recovery strategies for mountain endurance athletes

The Piriformis: deep gluteal syndrome
Functional considerations: the role it plays in musculoskeletal dysfunction
Anatomical variants – latest research
Inversion of action
Pathogenesis of piriformis syndrome and symptoms
The myth of piriformis syndrome
Management options and treatments

Alpine & Rock Climbing: Better mechanics for greater performance
Injury prevention and performance training Seminar
This workshop was selected for the 2017 Chamonix Arc’teryx Alpine Academy

Potential climbing injuries & risks: prevention
Overuse injury from overstrained & muscle fatigue
Musculoskeletal demand of climbing: key zones and how to maximize potential
Training the climber for joint stability & mobility, muscular/fascia elasticity, coordination and dissociation.
The battle between power and endurance: training regimen & tips
Cool drills and climbing specific exercises

Soleus function in runners: a new approach to treating patellofemoral pain
The role of soleus in running
Patellofemoral pain and running
Assessing soleus length & strength
Rehabilitating soleus for runners
Strength, balance and flexibility training to promote soleus activity

‘A great balance between physiological detail, practical demonstration, and real-life application.’  Keith MacIntosh, Nomadical Coaching (UK)