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The team at the clinic loved you, we really enjoyed that people all over the country-world get together in a single webinar to learn from you. Your teaching style is energizing and the content is always forward thinking, thank you so much for offering the webinar series.”
Mouna Goyette, Physical Therapist, Jackson Hole WY

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Four Run specific Masterclasses
1. The SCIENCE of TRAINING for trail-mountain running
March 28th / 2 hours / 5pm to 7pm CET / 60 euros
Trail running is a total different sport then road running when it comes to training methodologies, running physiology, biomechanics and performance enhancement techniques. This masterclass will rewire your knowledge with science-based and forward thinking material. Practical, ton’s of examples, clarifying misconceptions, a must if you coach or rehab runners and if you are a driven trail-mountain runner
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2. MOBILITY Training for Runners
April 11th / 3 hours / 4pm to 7pm CET / 95 euros
Improving mobility not only reduces the risk of injury but improves run mechanics, economy and boosts power output
Transition from limited mobility to new motion: muscle engagement and proper firing for running mechanics
Iso-integration training: joint stability and muscle firing techniques for better movement control
Posterior chain mobility & elasticity training: lumbar region, hamstrings, and lower leg-ankle complex
Fascial interference: intro to myofascial sling training
Misconceptions around stretching
Self-hip & ankle mobilization exercises
Platform of mobility exercises
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3. Running SHOES: technology, injury, performance
April 25th / 3 hours / 4pm to 7pm CET / 95 euros
Enhance your knowledge & expertise. Stay up-to-date with a fast growing industry
New trends in the road and trail shoes
Running shoes and biomechanics: when do they prevent or promote overuse injuries
Anatomy of a running shoe: weight, thickness, torsion flexibility, drop, stability, rigidity, toe box, heel collar, tongue, the Upper, mid-sole, out-sole, motion control
The cushioning syndrome
The misconception around overpronation correction: what you need to know
How to advise your runners on buying shoes : for beginners, recreational, injury specific or prevention, distance-terrain, performance
Are orthotics a necessity? pro’s and con’s and when to use them
Maximalist versus Minimalist shoes : differences, pro’s & con’s, and how to transition from one to the other
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4. The FOOT : the core of running
May 16th / 3 hours / 4pm to 7pm CET / 95 euros
The foot is the foundation of running (not shoes), deepen your knowledge of foot, ankle and lower leg running mechanics
Type of foot and impact on mechanics and overuse injuries
Improving ankle-foot running biomechanics: absorption, transfer force, toe-off
Role of the calves and posterior tibialis on the foot during running gait
Big toe flexor: the runners weapon
Foot torsion complex mechanism
Foot rigidity & elasticity for maximum power output
Key muscles that control foot motion
Ground reaction force on the foot
The mobile adapter: ankle injury
Foot pain: think outside the box
Maximalist vs minimalist shoes: the effect on the foot
Platform of exercises & drills to rewire the runners foot for powerful strides
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Chloë has an international reputation as an expert in sports science & rehabilitation and high-performance training delivering with great passion and energy. She is dedicated to share cutting-edge and practical material that translate to results. Always clarifying misconceptions and giving accurate knowledge that is innovative and science based. Also sharing valuable data from decades of coaching and being an accomplished mountain-endurance athlete.
Chloë is the author of the new book Trail, les clés pour performer sans se blesse

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