“This is one of the best presentations I’ve heard. Chloë’s academic knowledge and personal experience really gives credibility to the Advanced Athletic Conditioning Workshop.”

Meeting Chloë and taking her course on Running Gait Analysis has changed the way I practice. I have had extensive experience with runners and triathletes over the past decade as a physical therapist. But through Chloë’s evidence based research, deep understanding of the biomechanics of running injuries and dynamic presentation, I have been able to take my practice to another level. Not only do I use the knowledge I gained from her course with every patient ; but I have been able to implement a running clinic so that I can reach more people in the community. I look forward to more courses from Chloë in the coming year!”
Abby Douek MPT, Owner Run Raleigh Physical Therapy, Raleigh, NC USA.

“Love everything about this course. Chloë is laid-back, gifted as a presenter and extremely organized, confident and so knowledgeable. I could have listened to her for hours, I learned so much. Great to hear actual athletes/patients results/success presented with specific protocols used for rehab & prehab. Best course I’ve ever taken in sports rehab in 15 years as a sports medical professional.
Tom Morin , MD Sports Medicine, Switzerland

“Chloë is an extremely gifted teacher. Her knowledge of the presented material and her thorough command of the subject is impressive. She is very organized, wants students to understand the material and sets an appropriate pace for learning. The course material made so much sense and pointed out some of the misconceptions of treatment in this area. She is the best instructor I have encountered.”
Jane Mackay, MPT  WY – USA

“Chloë is articulate and extremely well-versed in the course content. She is easily able to answer a wide array of questions and gives great examples of patient cases. It is easy to get motivated about the information being presented and put it into immediate practice after seeing the enthusiasm and passion in Chloë’s work and presentation of her research/practice findings. Every course I take with you, is so beneficial to my practice and I can carry that information on and educate people in my area better.
Dre Dillon, DPT Mammoth Lakes CA – USA

“This is one of the best presentations I’ve heard. Chloë’s academic knowledge and personal experience really gives credibility to the Advanced Athletic Conditioning Workshop. Most time it’s a research / academic with no or little clinical experience, making it not “real world” appropriate. Chloë is the opposite, she has tremendous clinical experience with outstanding results. This workshop was beyond my expectations. The information was very updated, concise and relevant, she is very inspiring to listen to.
Rebecca English, MSR, Physical Therapist Charleston SC USA.

Chloë is an expert in her field. Her extensive knowledge of the athlete, in conjunction with being up-to-date, makes her courses invaluable. Her classes are packed full of evidence-based information delivered in an organized format. When implemented in the clinical setting, her approaches produce excellent results. I highly recommend Chloë, and I continue to benefit from her continuing education courses.”
Darcy Cook, MSPT, Traveling Physical Therapist with USSA Snowboard Team.

“Chloë has outstanding knowledge of the human body and a very unique experience in the field. Combining her professionalism and athletic background, she brings back elite athletes back to competition after injuries faster and stronger then ever. Working with Chloë is a great learning experience that helped me in my career as a physical therapist.”
Andrée Lavoie BscPT Physical Therapist for the Canadian men’s Alpine Ski Team.

“Very motivational, very high level knowledge, really appreciated all the research and in the field based info provided. You are very forward thinking and a wonderful presenter. A new way of approaching biomechanical assessment for hamstring injuries. Perfect for the active population we get at the clinic and the high number of ACL injuries with skiers. Chloë is very inspiring, humble and so knowledgable.”
Sandra Sottile, DPT, Physiotherapist, Zermatt Switzerland

“I am so glad I was connected with Chloë. I believe that working with you has really helped me get rid of some pain and discomfort and helped me gain tremendous strength and stability for my demanding routine and weekly show’s with the circus – you are amazing. Thank you so much for your kindness and expertise.”
Jinny Jacinto, Contortionist – Le Cirque du Soleil

“Thank you Chloë, your inspiration and vision of the body consumes me. I have learned tremendously this weekend. Your awareness to the yoga practice is fabulous for not being a certified instructor. You have a gift in understanding postures and movement, you thought us very important skills that will make us complete instructors. I would love to study with you more and thank you for teaching this amazing course: Functional Yoga Anatomy.”
Kristin Nuttall, Owner & Yoga Instructor, Whistler BC Canada

“Such great info on myofascial slings for performance training, very innovative course content and fresh exercises ideas targeted of difficult to target areas. So great to incorporate the fascial slings info to function and all the proximal to distal focus. The way you presented the concept, progression for rehab and for sports performance was extremely valuable. I will start using all this Monday in the clinic, thank you and always learn so much from you!”
Hayden Hilke, DPT, Owner Peak Physical Therapy, Jackson Hole WY USA

“Chloë’s courses are fantastic. Her wealth of expertise in the areas of functional anatomy, sports rehab and biomechanics allows her to convey her course material in a very practical and meaningful way. She will challenge you and make you think about what you are doing with your patients and why. Every person in attendance, new grads to seasoned veterans, left her course feeling inspired and with new progressive knowledge that made an immediate affect in our clinic.
Chad Yoakam, MSPT, Manager or Rehabilitation services Livingston Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Institute, MT USA

Web Conference feedbacks:

I can’t wait for more web conference courses from the X-TrainingSchool, I really appreciate the possibility and availability of the web conferencing courses. I felt we had plenty of interaction with Chloë, even being so far apart! Chloë is clear and very thorough with her course presentation.”
Dre Dillon, DPT Mammoth Lakes CA – USA

“I would take another web conference course with Chloë without question. It was so nice to have access to your material without the extra cost and time necessary for travel to a larger city. I have taken pre-recorded online courses before, and I prefer the interaction that can occur with the web conference. I actually thought that the interaction with you wasn’t lacking. I enjoyed having the opportunity to ask my own questions as well as learn from questions/comments from others. It was a great course.”
Cassie Fuller, DPT Jackson Hole WY – USA