Unlock your RUNNING knowledge


be a stride forward
be a running expert

Fall session starting October 15th 2021

Presented LIVE virtually during the pandemic
for running coaches, sport performance & orthopedic rehab specialists
performance & run analysis labs
and the driven runner

Program Director: Chloë Lanthier
Chloë is internationally recognized as a leader in biomechanics, sport injury and high-performance training. Published, a speaker and renowned for her forward thinking material that sets her apart and putting complex science into effective practical application. She has a dynamic teaching style and always keeping her audience engage. She is an expert in running from mechanics, injuries, prevention and training methodology. She’s been offering running camps for the last three decades and coaching runners of all levels to success.

Launching three certifications and a Masterclass series
Programs offered in both spring and fall 2021 schedule live!
Stride to Perform Run certification

Run-Injury & Performance Rehab certification

Zero Limits certification coming January 2022

Masterclass Run Series

Get inspired, REWIRE your runners to perform
Designed to provide multidimensional skill sets & technical knowledge
Platforms of corrective and performance drills & exercises
Gain practical experience through case studies, video analysis and hands-on evaluation
Learn effective Run analysis techniques from distance, on treadmill and outdoors
Spot the weakness and set it right!
Specializing in road & trail-mountain running

Learn to work with individual running style, there is no perfect running mechanics!
Run economy, biomechanics, and physiology
Runners functional anatomy
Dryland & Performance training
Running injuries & prevention
Run analysis

“ Meeting Chloë a decade ago and taking her courses on Running Gait Analysis has changed the way I practice through her evidence based research, deep understanding of the biomechanics of running & injuries, her passion for the material and her dynamic presentations is contagious. I have been able to take my practice to another level by implementing a run specific clinic so that I can reach more people in the community. ”
Abby Douek Ms Physical Therapy, Owner Run Raleigh Physical Therapy and Performance Lab Raleigh, NC USA.

Program Director: Chloë Lanthier
Chloë is the lead instructor and will be joined by a group of expert guest instructors
The certification is 25+ years of Chloë’s work, research, dedication and passion for running
Ms Biomechanics & Human Performance
BA Science in exercise physiology
Running Coach NCCP level 3
Author of the bestseller Trail, les clés pour performer sans se blesser, Glénat 2020 – Trail, Perform without getting injured
Accomplished ultra-trail runner and ultra-endurance cyclist. A Patagonia ambassador