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The X-Training School

Fall 2021 schedule

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Spring & fall schedules are live

Six masterclasses to choose from:
for runners
MOBILITY for runners
SHOES: technology, injuries, performance
FOOT: the core of running
Myofascial SLING training for runners
The FEMALE endurance runner

Open to everyone!
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The masterclass series is part of the Strides to Perform Run Certification our new program for 2021

” It was another great run specific live virtual conference and I’m already getting lots of mileage out of the material, both personally and with patients. I really appreciate Chloë’s insight, incredible knowledge, teaching skills and great energy .”
Victoria Orlowski, runner & coach, PhD physical therapy, California USA

We focus on runners from track, road, trail-mountain, Ultra and triathlon
All modules are live via Zoom to facilitate the practical learning process and for greater interaction
Times of modules are scheduled to facilitate different time zones to accommodate people living in Europe to North America
Times are schedule in CET, Central European Time
Each Masterclass has two different dates to choose from, spring & fall

1. DRYLAND TRAINING for runners

Cool drills & exercises with innovative run training methodology
Advanced training techniques to maximize efficiency of mechanics, speed, power, oxygenation, run economy, resistance to fatigue, injury prevention and for greater physiological adaptation
6 hours | 225 euros
October 10th | 4pm to 10pm CET

Skill training through drills, intervals and exercises
Goals & objectives of Dryland training
Flat training: strides & drills
Vertical training: uphill & downhill for strength, power and oxygenation
Lateral training: feet-ankle-hip power & stability, gluteus rewiring
Speed training to endure the distance
Recovery training : micro cycle to rejuvenate running form & speed
Recoil energy & elasticity training : ankle-calves, knee-quadriceps and hip-hamstring, musculotendinous eccentric drills
The FATIGUE syndrome: perceived effort training
RACING: brain/mind training strategies to get closer to a physiological ceiling for greater performance
Custom training: strategies for either road-trail-mountain and distance-terrain specifics
Equipment suggestions to offer DRYLAND training to runners
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Improving mobility not only reduces the risk of injury but improves run mechanics, economy and boosts power output
Includes self-mobilization techniques
3 hours | 95 euros
October 17th | 4pm to 7pm CET

Transition from limited mobility to new motion: muscle engagement and proper firing for running mechanics
Iso-integration training: joint stability and muscle firing techniques for better movement control
Posterior chain mobility & elasticity training: lumbar region, hamstrings, and lower leg-ankle complex
Self-hip & ankle mobilization exercises
Fascial interference: intro to myofascial sling training
Platform of mobility exercises for ankle, hip and spine
Misconception around stretching
Latest research
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Enhance your knowledge & expertise and time to clarify misconceptions
Stay up-to-date with a fast growing industry
3 hours | 95 euros
October 24th | 4pm to 7pm CET

New trends in the road and trail shoe industry
Running shoes and biomechanics: when do they prevent or promote overuse injuries
Anatomy of a running shoe: weight, thickness, torsion flexibility, drop, stability, rigidity, toe box, heel collar, tongue, the Upper, mid-sole, out-sole, motion control
The CUSHIONING syndrome
The misconception around OVERPRONATION correction: what you need to know
How to advise your runners on buying shoes : for beginners, recreational, injury specific or prevention, distance-terrain, performance
Are ORTHOTICS a necessity? pro’s and con’s and when to use them
Maximalist versus Minimalist shoes : differences, pro’s & con’s, and how to transition from one to the other
The DROP syndrome
Qualities to look for in a road, trail, mountain and speed training running shoe
Should we train with more than one model?
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The foot is the foundation of running (not the shoes!)
Deepen your knowledge of foot, ankle and lower leg running mechanics
Platform of exercises & drills to REWIRE the runners foot for powerful strides
3 hours | 95 euros
November 7th | 4pm to 7pm CET
The anatomy of the runners foot
Type of foot and impact on mechanics and overuse injuries
Improving ankle-foot running biomechanics: absorption, transfer force, toe-off
Role of the calves and posterior tibialis on the foot during running gait
Big toe flexor: the runners WEAPON
The two support systems
Foot torsion complex mechanism
Foot rigidity & elasticity for maximum POWER output
Key muscles that CONTROL foot motion
Ground reaction force on the foot
The mobile ADAPTOR: ankle injury
Foot PAIN: think outside the box
Maximalist vs minimalist SHOES: the effect on the foot
PLATFORM of foot exercises to rewire running-gait
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The future of sport specific strength & mobility training
Intro to the runner’s slings and how to train them

3 hours | 95 euros
November 14th | 4pm to 7pm CET

Anatomy & physiology of SLING properties
Benefits of sling training for runners
REMODELING the runners slings for greater quality of movement, muscle balance, coordination, joint stability, power output and greater resistance to fatigue
Relationship between MUSCLES, joint and fascia
Strengthening the RUNNERS kinetic chain
Increasing RUN MECHANICS efficiency
Targeting fascia gliding to stimulate nerve impulse: improving neuromuscular pathways
PLATFORM of slings exercises & drills : REWIRING the runner for smooth, efficient and powerful mechanics
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6. The FEMALE endurance runner
The female body is singular in an ever changing cycle and physiologically adapts differently to training
Learn the necessary components to enhance endurance training & recovery efficiency
3 hours | 95 euros
December 5th | 4pm to 7pm CET

Female Physiological DNA: strength and endurance training
Female hormones: training, racing and performance
Female metabolism: food and recovery strategies to enhance endurance performance
Menstrual cycle: female hormones and training, everything you need to know
Menopause: understanding the process, why longevity starts young, training & racing strategies
Running injuries: why female athletes heal differently than men
RED-S syndrome: avoiding extreme fatigue, overtraining, body composition, low fat versus low muscle mass
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