For sport rehab professionals

The X-Training School


Get inspired be an expert in running injuries
Learn skill sets to provide performance rehab
Rewire your knowledge!

Three modules
Mechanism of run injury level 1 | flat running road & trail
October 16th, 4pm to 10pm CET
Mechanism of run injury level 2 | single track, trail & mountain running

October 30th, 4pm to 10pm CET

Return to run and competition protocols
November 20th, 4pm 10pm CET

Two Masterclass
SHOES : technology, injuries, performance
October 24th, 4pm to 7pm CET
The FOOT : the core of running
November 7th, 4pm to 7pm CET

Presented live virtually
The program is structured to allow to take the Strides to Perform and the Rehab certification back to back either in the spring or fall
Spring 2022 schedule coming soon
We suggest you focus on one certification per season

Running injuries are due in part to poor training strategies, musculoskeletal imbalances and stressful mechanical load on the kinetic chain. This certification will deepen your knowledge in the causes, with rehab & prehab strategies for both road & trail-mountain running.

“ Chloë has become a key role in my own professional development. Her multidimensional breath of education, research, and 25 years of training allow her to relay key concepts with in-depth insight on the relationship between biomechanics, mechanisms of injury,  corrective exercises that are practical, effective, and sustainable. She understand run rehab & performance at every level. She teaches with such passion and enthusiasm that her platform backed on experience, science and research is palatable and fun.”
Tim Tollefson, physical therapist and elite runner, Mammoth Lakes, California

latest science-based research
focus on practical application
live online instruction with dynamic group interaction
one-on-one live video sessions with instructor
detailed booklet for each module
certificate of completion
continuing education credits
monthly PRO RUN newsletter
focus on injuries from track, road, trail-mountain, Ultra and triathlon

All modules are live via Zoom to facilitate the practical learning process and for greater interaction
Times of modules are scheduled to facilitate different time zones to accommodate people living in Europe & North America
Times are schedule in CET – Central European Time
The certification needs to be completed before the end of the calendar year
Modules can be taken individually respecting the prerequisites
If you feel you have the prerequisites you can apply with proof of previous courses

Designed for licensed health care professionals, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, registered massage therapists, and medical and sports medicine doctors.

If you sign up for the full Run-injury & Performance rehab Certification and pay in full in advance, you will receive a 10% discount
Prerequisites: Strides to Perform Certification or the equivalent
Total hours and cost of certification: 30 hours / 895 euros
27 hours of modules and 3 hours of assignment & evaluation

Payment plan available
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Payment can be done via Paypal:
Or via European bank transfer
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Fundamentals of flat running injuries: road and trail
Prerequisites: Strides to Perform Certification or the equivalent
 7 hours | October 30th | 4pm to 9:30pm CET
325 euros for individual module
Anatomy & physiology of running injuries
Compensatory movement and forces applied on joints and soft tissues
Runners musculoskeletal imbalances and impact on overuse injuries
Training load errors versus mechanical injuries
Injuries caused by poor running form
Speed training injuries
Overstriding injuries: forefoot and heel strike
Signs & symptoms of overtaining
The science of pain: tightness, soreness and cramps
Breaking the recurring injury cycle
Running while rehabbing strategies

Technical leaders of running injuries Part 1 : road, trail-mountain and for all terrain
Running pathologies are presented with injury causes, musculoskeletal imbalances, poor mechanics factors, action plan and prehab strategies.
Plantar fasciitis, calf strains, ankle/ligament strain & tears, achilles & patellar tendinopathy, medial tibial stress syndrome, posterior tibial tendinopathy

Fundamentals of single track running injuries
Performance enhancement techniques
Prerequisite: Mechanism of run-injury level 1
7 hours | November 20th | 4pm to 9:30pm CET

325 euros for individual module
Fundamentals and anatomy of trail-mountain running injuries
Common trail-mountain injuries and causes
Ultra, road, trail type injuries and causes
Downhill running pathology: causes & prevention
Posterior & anterior kinetic chain injuries: causes & prevention strategies
The gluteus syndrome: inhibition factors, musculoskeletal imbalances and type of injuries
Muscle-fascia injuries and rehab strategies
The runners mindset: rehab strategies
Quickest and best way to gain running fitness post-rehab
Injury prevention strategies
Misconceptions & latest research

Technical leaders of running injuries Part 2 : road, trail-mountain and for all terrains
Running pathologies are presented with cause leading to the injury, musculoskeletal imbalances, poor mechanics factor, action plan, rehab exercises and prehab strategies.
Stress fractures, knee & hip pathology, ITB compression syndrome, lower back pain, Hamstring injuries, gluteus medius tendinopathy, ACL

Step by step approach to eliminate recurring injuries, increase run-kinetic chain fitness, mechanical run-economy and performance
Prerequisites: Mechanism of injuries level 1 & 2
7 hours | December 11th | 4pm to 9:30pm CET
325 euros for individual module
Step by step approach:
Testing metrics, functional movement, running mechanics, injured tissue(s), resistance to fatigue
Platform of exercises for PREHAB running performance enhancement
Injury specific protocols: for all injuries reviewed in Mechanism of injuries Level 1 & 2 modules
Return to run protocols for recreational runners with no performance objective
Return to run protocols for the serious recreational runner who competes
Return to run protocols for return to high intensity training and competition

Enhance your knowledge & expertise and clarify misconceptions
Stay up-to-date with a fast growing industry
3 hours | October 24th | 4pm to 7pm CET
95 euros for individual class

New trends in the road and trail shoe industry
Running shoes and biomechanics: when do they prevent or promote overuse injuries
Anatomy of a running shoe: weight, thickness, torsion flexibility, drop, stability, rigidity, toe box, heel collar, tongue, the Upper, mid-sole, out-sole, motion control
The CUSHIONING syndrome
The misconception around OVERPRONATION correction: what you need to know
How to advise your runners on buying shoes : for beginners, recreational, injury specific or prevention, distance-terrain, performance
Are ORTHOTICS a necessity? pro’s and con’s and when to use them
Maximalist versus Minimalist shoes : differences, pro’s & con’s, and how to transition from one to the other
The DROP syndrome
Qualities to look for in a road, trail, mountain and speed training running shoe
Should we train with more than one model?

The foot is the foundation of running (not the shoes!)
Deepen your knowledge of foot, ankle and lower leg running mechanics
Platform of exercises & drills to REWIRE the runners foot for powerful strides
3 hours | November 7th | 4pm to 7pm CET
95 euros
for individual class
The anatomy of the runners foot
Type of foot and impact on mechanics and overuse injuries
Improving ankle-foot running biomechanics: absorption, transfer force, toe-off
Role of the calves and posterior tibialis on the foot during running gait
Big toe flexor: the runners WEAPON
The two support systems
Foot torsion complex mechanism
Foot rigidity & elasticity for maximum POWER output
Key muscles that CONTROL foot motion
Ground reaction force on the foot
The mobile ADAPTOR: ankle injury
Foot PAIN: think outside the box
Maximalist vs minimalist SHOES: the effect on the foot
PLATFORM of foot exercises to rewire running-gait

Program Director: Chloë Lanthier
Chloë is the lead instructor and will be joined by a group of expert guest instructors
The certification is 25+ years of Chloë’s work, dedication and passion for running
Ms Biomechanics & Human Performance
BA Science in exercise physiology
Running Coach NCCP level 3
Accomplished endurance mountain runner